Haandi Restaurant – fine Pakistani Cuisine, Dubai

“The First Pakistani Fine Dining Restaurant in Al-Barsha Dubai”

When Asma moved to Dubai with her husband Asad Batla, the two bankers expected to enjoy the rewards of being culturally and geographically close to their home in Pakistan by finding good home style cuisine here. Unfortunately they and their two daughters were sadly disappointed with the overall choices and started to entertain more and more at home.

Entertaining being their passion, this soon became a regular occurrence at the Batla household and there came the inspiration for “Pakistani Fine Cuisine for Dubai”. Whilst many restaurants offer Pakistani favorites on their menu, none of the outlets offered this authentic variety of diverse Pakistani food in a venue where the whole family would feel welcome and could enjoy the ambience and the atmosphere of an up-market restaurant.

Taking the decision to open their own restaurant was an easy one to make and the combined passion and hard work ensure that their values of “family first” and “something to share rather than compare” would spread through the neighborhood.

Beginning with a take-away and delivery outlet in 2007, the new dine-in restaurant soon followed near Mall of the Emirates in Barsha. The place has been flourishing as the word slowly spread within the community and outside about the superior quality of the food as well as the friendly service and satisfaction received by the many who frequented Wrap and Roll Haandi. With eight professional chefs from some of the finest restaurants from all around Pakistan, customers can cherish the same tastes expected from some of the most popular dining spots in various regions of Pakistan.

Whilst Asma was putting the team together and developing the now popular menu with the chefs, the test that was most important for both Asma and Asad was that of Asad’s mother’s screening the Chef’s in Pakistan. “The biggest challenge we had was to get the authenticity of the flavors into each and every dish” said Asma. “We spent a long time finding our chefs, but once we had them on board the rest followed easily. Once Asad’s mother gave us her seal of approval and told us that the tastes were exactly as they should be then I knew we were onto a winner!” This diligence is proving out to be good for us as it results in great home-style cuisine.

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