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Butterfly Garden in Dubai حديقة الفراشات في دبي

Butterfly Garden in Dubai 

Dubai Butterfly Garden - Quick Facts

Along with a variety of flowers in Dubai Miracle Garden, visitors can enjoy the amazing view of thousands of beautiful butterflies in Dubai Butterfly Garden located in Dubai Miracle Garden near Arabian Ranches.

  • Butterfly Garden opened on March 24, 2015.
  • Butterfly Garden in Dubai will be the biggest covered butterfly garden in the world
  •  This butterfly garden is consists of nine custom-built domes and a butterfly museum.
  • Each dome will be home for 24 different variety of butterflies from different countries.
  • Each dome will be in different colors having a variety of flowers.
  • The butterflies will be flying all over the dome and will fly over visitors entering each dome. The butterfly garden will give a wonderful feeling of enjoyment and fun to the visitors.
  • Visitors may witness the actual butterfly life cycle and gain insight into their miraculous metamorphosis.
  • A Butterfly-shaped flower park will showcase 3D flower designs following the butterfly theme.
  • The park will have three fish pond which will have a variety of colorful fish.
  • There will be a coffee shop and souvenirs shop for visitors to take back beautiful butterfly park memories back home after the visit.
Butterfly Garden in Dubai

Butterfly Garden in Dubai

The Dubai Miracle Garden Other New  Attractions

  • Souvenir Shop
  • International Garden
  • Aromatic Garden
  • Flower Watch
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Edible Plants Garden
  • Flowers Valleys made with different stunning designs.

New Facilities

  • Men and Women Mosque
  • Free Rides like Club Carts, Garden Trains & Tricycles


Al Barsha South 3 (Near Dubai Miracle Garden)

1. The Dubai Butterfly Garden is near to Dubai Miracle Garden. Take the same route.

2. There is a separate gate for Butterfly Garden. Ask for assistance to the security guards seen on the road towards Miracle Garden.

3. You can enter Butterfly Garden with or without entering Miracle Garden.

4. If you want to see both Miracle Garden & Butterfly Garden on the same day, first you can enter through Miracle Garden & take exit from the end of Miracle Garden towards the entrance of Butterfly Garden.

5. Or you can directly park the vehicle in Butterfly Garden parking & visit butterfly garden.

What is timings/working hours of Dubai Butterfly Garden?

  • Weekdays 9 am – 6 pm  
  • Weekends (Fri and Sat) 9 am – 6 pm

What is the ticket fee for Admission of Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Regular Admission ( 30 AED 50 AED)
Disabled (Free)
3 yrs old and below (Free)

Contact number for Dubai Butterfly Garden?:

Phone: 04-4228902

Email: info@dubaimiraclegarden.com

Website: http://www.dubaimiraclegarden.com/





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