International Advertising Association – Dubai

All corporations involved in marketing communications need a pro-active partner and advocate for freedom of commercial speech.
The IAA is a one-of-a-kind strategic partnership which champions the interests of all the disciplines across the spectrum of marketing communications – from advertisers to media companies, agencies to marketing companies and agencies – as well as individual practitioners.

With over 4,000 individual members in over 70 countries, the IAA has become a brand champion allowing the industry to flourish without unwarranted restrictions. This impressive international network encompasses corporate members, as well as institutions and associations.
We are a truly global community with no other association rivaling our international scale and grass roots representation in over 70 countries. The IAA membership is one of multiple disciplines, which is inclusive of all segments of the industry involved in marketing and brand building.
The IAA is a leader in advocacy, defending commercial free speech; fighting unwarranted regulation; supporting freedom of choice and informed decision making; emphasizing economic importance of marketing activities.
We are a leader in advertising self-regulation by supporting existing structures; encouraging the establishment of new mechanisms; providing for an exchange of information and best practices; promoting self regulatory structures to governments.
Our professional development provides education and training for the marketing communications industry of tomorrow. Through industry forums, we provide a platform for the exchange of views on emerging policy issues and trends affecting the industry; we provide a single, global voice for all aspects of proposed legislation and regulation affecting marketing and brand building; we develop platforms for multi-stakeholder dialogues and we promote and facilitate the development of talent and excellence in the communications industry. The IAA is here to represent our members in all areas of their professional dealing.

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