Arab Orthodontic Society – Dubai

The Arab Orthodontic Society is no exception. Although its conception was somewhat unusual, it eventually came to light in the year 1993 as the “Arab Orthodontic Society”. The highlight of achievements of a small group of Jordanian Orthodontists was the convening of the First Arab and Jordanian Orthodontic Congress in Amman on 29th of April, 1993. At that meeting, which hosted a large number of orthodontists from more than 10 Arab countries, the proposal of establishing the Arab Orthodontic Society (AOS) was unanimously adopted and approved by the Arab delegates. The Bylaws of the Society were approved during the third Arab Orthodontic Congress in Damascus, Syria, on 28th of October, 1997. As its name implies, the main aim of AOS is to promote co-operation between Arab colleagues and encourage continued education programs through regional and international orthodontic meetings and seminars.

The AOS is the scientific organization representing all aspects of orthodontic practice in Arab countries. It promotes and paves the way for delivering high quality orthodontics for the public, through continued education programs aimed at the Orthodontic Specialist. Furthermore the society is committed to enlighten the general dental practitioner, as well as the public, about all facets and spheres of orthodontic practice. The Society advises the Arab Dental Associations and other medical and dental organizations on matters pertaining to the science and practice of orthodontics. The Arab Orthodontic Society is an active regional member of World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO) , the Mediterranean Orthodontic Integration Program group (MOIP) and the Francophone Group.

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