UAE Flag day celebrated on 1 November 2018

UAE Flag day celebrated on 1 November 2018

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid is urging residents to come together in celebration of the nation – ahead of UAE Flag Day.



The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai issued a call for the public to put their pride on display on the banner occasion, which will this year be held at 11am on November 1.

The annual event – which marks Sheikh Khalifa being sworn in as President in 2004 following the death of his father, Sheikh Zayed – has previously been held on November 3.

In a post on his Twitter account, Sheikh Mohammed pointed out the flag is a symbol unity that will soon be raised in space.

“Brothers and sisters, our nation celebrates flag day soon. The symbol of our sovereignty and unity,” he said.

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The country’s flag will be raised at government and private buildings across the seven emirates, from Abu Dhabi to Fujairah.

UAE issues flag guidelines for November 2 celebrations

UAE flag is hoisted across all government departments and buildings across the emirates. Dubai residents and expatriates, including private companies, also join in the celebrations by hoisting the flag in honor of the country’s past, present and future and remember the efforts of the founders of UAE. The day renews the national spirit and reflects on the success of the country.

UAE citizens, residents unite under the flag today

The UAE flag represents justice, peace, tolerance, power and moderation. The red color symbolizes the sacrifices of those who laid the foundations for the union. Green symbolizes growth, prosperity and cultural renaissance. White displays charitable contributions and support for security and peace in the world. While, black reflects the strength of Emiratis and their rejection of injustice and extremism. for your Travel Assistance have listed travel agents who offer various travel packages, Dubai visa specialist to apply for Dubai visa, visa and immigration procedures in Dubai, hotels in Dubai and special deals, things to do in Dubai, places to visit in Dubai, how to plan a five day tour to Dubai etc for your travel assistance.

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