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Dubai Taxis,Dubai Taxi Corporation, Services, Rental Service, Fare Condition

Dubai Taxis,Dubai Taxi Corporation

Dubai Taxis,Dubai Taxi Corporation


dubai-taxi, Services, Hire a Taxi , Book a Taxi

Taxis are the most common way of getting around. Metered cabs from Dubai Transport Corporation, recognised by their cream colour, are efficient and have well-trained and courteous drivers. Dubai Transport taxis also operate a service from the airport. For fares please visit the Roads & Transport Authority website.

Additionally, most hotels offer transport for their guests. There are also a number of radio taxi companies that have cars on call and whose numbers are available at all hotels.

Car rental

Cars are available from car rental companies for visitors who have an international driving licence. Customers must produce their passport along with the valid licence.

Driving in the UAE is on the right-hand side.


Dubai Metro trains currently run at 10-minute intervals, between stations located across the city. Upon completion in 2012, it will be the world’s longest driverless metro system.

Water taxis

An interesting way to travel between Bur Dubai and Deira is by water taxi across the Dubai Creek. In 2007, the RTA launched fully air conditioned water buses to enhance Dubai’s water transport.

 Customer Service Center

The DTC Customer Service Center at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 (DIA) is available for all your comments and queries as well as you suggestions, complaints and report any lost items inside our taxis. The Customer Service Center is located in Dubai Airport Terminal 3 near the arrivals exit No. 1and provides a special Majlis for VIP Taxi service.

Reservation and Distribution

The Public Transport Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Government of Dubai manages and operates the Reservation and Distribution Center 04 208 08 08  by dispatching all franchise taxis in Dubai. Customers can reserve their DTC taxi (specify taxi service required) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We advise you reserve your DTC taxi one day prior however; for same day reservation, we recommend the earliest you call and reserve the better in order to avoid delays.

Rental Service

1. General Rental Service:
DTC offers taxi with driver rental service to travel with in Dubai Only by reserving 24 hour in advance via Dispatch Center 04 2080808:
  • 6 hours rental is 500 AED
  • 12 hours rental is 800 AED

2.Taxi Rental Service for Government Authorities,Strategic Partners & Private Companies:

  • Fixed fare of 1,000 AED for 24 hours rental of vehicle with a driver for Government Authorities, Strategic Partners and Private Companies.
  • Fixed fare of 800 AED for 12 hours and/or 500 AED for 6 hours rental of vehicle with a driver as per current procedure

Ladies and Families Taxi Service

Dubai Taxi Corporation deployed high-caliber, well trained and skillful lady drivers to cater to all ladies and families. This service starts from 06:00 a.m. to 02:00 a.m. It is the first ever lady driven taxi service across the GCC.
Since the launch of this service until now, 56 vehicles and 141 lady drivers of various nationalities have been deployed. Lady drivers have been qualified in training courses for 21 days from the Training Center & Qualification Center of Dubai Taxi Corporation. The Course includes:
  • Work routines in Dubai Taxi Corporation.
  • Taxi electronic systems.
  • Tourist destinations in the emirate of Dubai.
  • Customer service.
  • Al Ameen System (how to maintain the safety of passengers & drivers).
  • Practical driving training sessions.
Driver’s Benefits:
  • Health Care insurance.
  • 30 days as annual leave as well as 1 day weekly holiday.
  • Honoring program for lady drivers who surpass in merit performance.

In-Safe Hands Services

This distinguished service is available to all customers on daily, weekly and monthly basis as per to the request of the customer. This service is characterized by the comfort of privacy, speedy service and overall quality in addition to highly trained drivers.
Target Groups: All members of Society specifically:
• women and children
• students
• families
• People with Special Needs


Please fill out the application, sign it and send it via e-mail:
To communicate and confirm service, please call: 042080555
DTC VIP Taxi service

This distinguished service with its luxurious comfort, privacy and distinct drivers is different from normal taxi service and it is available to all customers from Dubai International Airport Terminal 1, 3 and outside.

Fare Condition:

1 – The starting meter fare from Airport is AED 50.
2 – The starting meter fare from Reservation and Distribution is AED 50.
3 – The starting meter fare from anywhere outside the airport is AED 50 .
4 – kilo meter pricing AED 2 day and night.

How to request the service:

• From Dubai International Airport (Terminal 3).

• By calling Reservation & Distribution Centre on 04 208 0808.


• Selection of 20 luxury black vehicles; Ten 2012 Infiniti M37 and Ten 2012 Lexus S350 with white plates number.

• Selection of 45 outstanding drivers with formal black suit and a special cap.

• Distinguished logo for the Service.

• Modern (Samsung S2) meter system inside the vehicle without extensions attached to a unique stylish holder.

• Credit cards service accepted


Mashweer the New Services allows for fully trained and competent drivers (without taxis) to interested parties for a limited period of time agreed upon between the two parties, provided that the interested individual or corporate customer has to provide a vehicle, with comprehensive insurance and fuel.

Fare Condition:
1 – the service at a rate of 40 dirham per hour for a period of at least two hours.
2 –The service charge will be 250 dirham for 8 hours.
3 -The service charge will be 1000 dirham for a week.
4 – the services charge will be 3500 dirham for a month.
The service requests are placed through:
  • To communicate and confirm service, please call: 042080555.
  • receiving the customer in DTC Customers Service Office at Terminal 3, Dubai Airport.
dubai-taxi, Services, Hire a Taxi , Book a Taxi

dubai-taxi, Services, Hire a Taxi , Book a Taxi


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