The Times – Middle East Edition

By the time Winston Churchill was born, The Times had already been around for a century. Through its 226-year history the United Kingdom’s most respected newspaper has stood in the middle of history, chronicling world-changing events for its readers. From two devastating global conflicts and mankind’s first forays into space, to the global economic meltdown and the recent unprecedented political upheaval across the Arab world, The Times has forged a global reputation for truth and integrity.

In 2007 The Times and The Sunday Times launched editions in the UAE in a regionally relevant format, and four years on remain the number-one selling international newspapers in the country. The burgeoning readership has come to include a growing proportion of non-British expatriates who feel The Times can offer the global coverage they are looking for.

The Middle East is poised to play a key role on the 21st-century world stage and The Times looks forward to delivering in-depth analysis of the diverse political, cultural and economic forces that will shape the coming drama.

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