EXPO 2020 DUBAI Domestic Draw Winners List

EXPO 2020 DUBAI Domestic Draw Winners List

EXPO 2020 DUBAI Domestic Draw Winners List

EXPO 2020 DUBAI Domestic Draw Winners List

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Expo 2020 Dubai, great time to connect and have fun. It’s going to be eye-catching, mind-blowing, breathtaking and fabulous fun moments.

The Draw will start on October 14th 2019 and will end on 30 November 2019 

Eligibility for Expo 2020 DUBAI Domestic Draw are:

  • Residents in the United Arab Emirates
  • Nationals of the United Arab Emirates
  • Aged thirteen years & above

The following are not eligible to participate in the Draw :

  • Employees, officers, directors, agents, representatives of Expo 2020 Dubai & its respective subsidiaries
  • Employees, officers, directors, agents & representatives of any advertising, promotional, public relations, legal, professional agency or firm providing services/advice directly to Expo 2020 Dubai

Application Process

The users required to enter the details in (English or Arabic ) such as full name, email address, residence address and phone number on the Draw’s dedicated online portal

The Users submission of the essential information on the Portal will comprise the Users’ consent and agreement to (a) these Terms and Conditions; (b) their participation in the Draw in consent with these Terms & Conditions; (c) the right to use & publish the User’s name for the purpose of the Draw.

Expo 2020 Dubai compiles with the privacy of the Users and carries out all information provided by the Users on the Portal, will only be used in accordance of the applicable data protection rules & regulations and Expo 2020 Dubai ‘s Data Privacy & Cookies Policy.

Expo 2020 Dubai Grand Prize Winner Details:

The Grand Prize Winners will be selected by a random computer-generated raffle draw once every week

Expo 2020 Dubai shall announce Grand Prize Winner per day during the Draw Term and will award them with:

  •  Two General Admission
  • One day entry, tickets (Prize) to Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai shall publish his/her full name through media formats including official Website, Instagram and Twitter

Expo 2020 Dubai will provide the Grand Prize Winners a promo code, which can be used to redeem the Prize from the Expo 2020 Dubai online allotted ticketing portal.

The Grand Prize Winners are not allowed to replace their Prize with another prize or item, transfer or assign their Prize to another person or redeem their Prize for cash.

Expo 2020 Dubai reserves the right, exercisable at any time in their sole discretion, to substitute the Prize (or portion thereof), provided that the substitute prize is an item of comparable or greater value.

Expo 2020 Dubai reserves the right, at any time in their single discretion, to substitute the Prize ( provided that the substitute prize is an item of comparable or greater value).

The Prizes are awarded with no warranty or guarantee, implied by the concerned parties.

The Grand Prize Winner must verify their contact details via email within seven 7 days, after receiving a winning notification. (If the Grand Prize Winner fails to contact Expo 2020 Dubai within the 7 days period, he/she shall be considered to have dropped the Prize and Expo 2020 Dubai will select a winner from the remaining qualified entries.

The Grand Prize Winner acknowledges & agrees that he/she may be intended to take part in publicity relations activities & promotional events promoting Expo 2020 Dubai products. Any appearance made by the Grand Prize Winner will be subject to a separate agreement made between Expo 2020 Dubai and the Grand Prize Winner.

Expo 2020 Dubai shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damages undergone during the delivery of the Prize to the Grand Prize Winner.

General Terms & Conditions

By submitting the information, the Users must agree:

Expo 2020 Dubai and any employees, officers & affiliates may use and disclose (permitted by applicable law) User’s name, city and state of residence, photograph, oral or written statements, footage, advertising, trade in any media (social media, TV) or hereafter known throughout the world in perpetuity, without further compensation, permission or notification.

Expo 2020 Dubai is hereby granted an authorization & consent to conduct any and all verifications required relating to the User’s identity

The User shall be disqualified from the Draw, of any sign of falsified, fraudulent, untruthful, incorrect identity or address of any User

Expo 2020 Dubai (including affiliates, officers and employees) shall except where caused by negligence, have no liability and shall be held harmless by the Users for any claims, demands, obligations, liability, suits, actions, proceedings, judgments, fines, losses, damages, penalties, charges, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees) in relation to the Draw or any other person or entity, including, without limitation, personal injury or death to User or any other person or damage to personal or real property, arising from or related to this Draw

Any attempt to deliberately damage the operation of the Draw may constitute a violation of criminal and civil laws. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the emirate of Dubai and the laws of the United Arab Emirates

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