Mushrif Park Dubai

Mushrif Park Dubai

Mushrif Park Dubai is 5.25 square kilometre (1300 acre) desert-like park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located in the eastern part of the city (near the suburb of Khawaneej), about 16 km (10 mi) from the traditional center of Dubai. The park was created in early 1980 by Dubai Municipality and was hugely expanded and refurbished in 1989.

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mushrif park dubai

Mushrif Park Dubai

Mushrif park has international village which contains 13 models of Arabic and English houses. The park also contains of amusing and entertaining services such as :

  • Electronic entertaining games (all games is 2 Dhs per person)
  • Pool services: swimming pools 10 Dhs per person/ 5 Dhs per child.
  • Barbecue and trips areas.
  • Child games areas.
  • Sport playground (basket ball, volleyball, hand ball)
  • Walking tracks and bicycle tracks.
  • Prayer rooms
  • Planet’s cover and green areas.
  • Swimming pools
  • Restaurants and canteens.
  • Train ride service (2 Dhs per person)
  • Horse and camel riding.( in this area the visitor get to know the traditional life pattern where you see camels, horses, bedouin tents, well, goat…etc, the visitor can ride camels and horses and enjoy amusing picnic in this area as well as to get to know the feather and the bedouin lifestyle.
  • The park’s theater: ( can fit 500 person, where musical concerts perform in holidays, Eids, and special occasions.
  • Special need facilities: the park provides many facilities and services to special need where the park itself were designed to provide them distinct facilities such as provides parking to special need near the entry of the park gates considering the streamlined of the corridors. Also, providing toilets designed to special need.

Mushrif Park – Dubai Entry Fees:

  • 3 Dhs per person.
  • 10 Dhs per car
  • Free entry to special need

Mushrif Park – Dubai Location:

  • Mushrif park is located in Deria within Mushrif area, 15 Km away from city center of Dubai on airport road  leading to Khawaneej area next to AlMizher area (2)residential. During your visit to the park please refer to the guidance and directions of the park.

Mushrif Park – Dubai Working hours:

  • Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday from 8:00 am to 10 pm.
  • Thursday/ Friday/Saturday and holidays from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Working hours during Ramadan: 9am to 2pm

Mushrif Park Dubai Website:

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