Salik road toll Dubai

Salik road toll Dubai

Salik is a free flow tolling system that operates without toll booths, barriers or gates, allowing traffic to move freely through tolling points at highway speeds.

The heart of the system is the Salik tag which is attached to the vehicle windshield and utilizes the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to positively identify the vehicle as it passes through a Salik tolling point.

Each time a vehicle passes a Salik tolling point, the toll of AED 4 is deducted from the customers prepaid Salik toll account; no worries, it is that simple.

There are six tolling points:

  1. Al Safa, Al Barsha
  2. Al Garhoud Bridge
  3. Al Maktoum Bridge
  4. AL Mamzar
  5. Airport Tunnel

How to purchase the Salik tag?
It is available in Emarat, Eppco, Enoc or Enoc petrol stations and also Dubai Islamic bank, Emirates NBD bank.

How much is the cost of subscription and tag ?
It will be charged as AED 100 including, AED 50 for the card and another AED 50 for the prepaid toll balance. It will be added to the Salik account.

How to charge the Salik account?
Use the web or mobile payment with credit card, participating banks, salik recharge card, or e-voucher using the web by calling 800 Salik(72545) or by sms.

How to check the Salik balance?

  • Call 800-SALIK(72545)
  • Visit the site to check the account:

What will happen if you passes through Salik toll gate without a salik tag?
Its a violation of law and must pay AED 100 for the first time, AED 200 for the second travel through salik toll and AED for the next. So its better to buy a tag within 10 days to open a salik account or to add new salik tag to the current salik account.

Is the salik account is possible for one’s different vehicle?
Yes. But if the traffic file number is different for a vehicle registered, with another Emirate, can’t be allowed. It is acceptable by entering the traffic file numbers in the same account.

Salik road toll Dubai

Salik road toll Dubai

Details about Salik Toll Gates in Dubai:

  • Al Ittihad road ( Al Mamzar )
  • Beirut street ( Airport tunnel )
  • Al Barsha
  • Al Garhoud Bridge
  • Al Maktoum Bridge
  • Al Safa.

More details:

Toll Free: 800-SALIK(72545)

International Customers:
+971 4 2335000
+971 4 2335005

FAX: +971 4 2335121 / +971 4 2335180

E-mail address: Customers –

Corporate –

Information courtesy:


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