Temple in Dubai – Shiva Mandir & Krishna Mandir

Temple in Dubai – Shiva Mandir & Krishna Mandir

Temple in Dubai - Shiva Mandir & Krishna Mandir, Hindu Temples, Prayer, Krishna Mandir, Shiva Mandir, Temple in Dubai

Temple in Dubai – Shiva Mandir & Krishna Mandir

Hindu Temple in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai one among the seven kingdoms in United Arab Emirates, an Arab and Muslim country, is well known for its religious tolerance. A large portion of migrant workers from India and Sri Lanka to UAE practice Hinduism. There is a Hindu Temple Complex at the Bur Dubai creek near the Dubai Museum which caters to the needs of Hindus. The temple complex houses the Lord Shiva and Krishna Temples.

There is a large queue during weekends and holidays at the small temple complex. Devotees have to wait for long period to get darshan. The shrines are dedicated to Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva.
The Hindu Temple Complex at the Bur Dubai creek is the single temple in UAE for thousands of Hindus in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ras Al-Khaimah – the seven kingdoms which form the United Arab Emirates.
But no… There is a new temple coming up in Abu Dhabi which is planned to be made in stone. Click to read more about Temple in Abu Dhabi
 Interestingly, the temple sits next to a Mosque in the busy Bur Dubai area.

Do you which are the two temples in Dubai?

The two temples referred to as Mandir are called Shiva Mandir and Krishna Mandir, both located in the same complex in Bur Dubai.
  1. Shiva temple on the First Floor
  2. Newly constructed Krishna temple on the ground Floor.
The 2nd floor of the Shiva temple also houses a gurudwara. In gurudwara shabad and kirtan are performed the whole day.

Directions to the Hindu temple in Dubai

Head down to Burjuman. This is one of the big popular malls in the country. You could either take a taxi or use the metro to get off at Khalid Bin Waleed Station. From there head down Khalid Bin Waleed street (popularly known as computer street). As you walk past the computer stores, turn right at Apsara supermarket. Continue to walk towards the creek as you head in the direction of Dubai Museum. Right next to the museum is the Hindu Temple.

Address Location:

Shiva Mandir & Krishna Mandir
Near Dubai Museum, Ali Bin Abi Taleb St  Bur Dubai
62A Street Bur Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: 00971 (0)4 353 5334

Nearest Dubai Metro stations:

  1. Al Fahidi Metro Station – Green Line
  2. Al Ghubaiba Metro Station – Green Line
  3. Al Ras Metro Station – Green Line (Deira)

Hindu temple in Dubai – Location Google Map link

Timing :

Morning prayers: 6:00 AM to 1 PM
Evening prayers – 4.30 PM to 10 PM.

Website: http://www.hindu-blog.com/2008/02/hindu-temple-in-dubai-united-arab.html

Hindu temple in Dubai – Location Google Map link

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