Sikh Gurdwara Temple in Dubai

Sikh Gurdwara Temple in Dubai

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Sikh Gurdwara Temple in Dubai

Sikh Gurdwara Temple in Dubai is an architectural distinctive structure located in the 25,400 square feet plot in Jebel Ali, Dubai, along Sheikh Zayed road connecting Dubai to U.A.E. capital Abu Dhabi. It is at the same time a functional complex, an avenue for community events and marriages.

Sikh Gurdwara Temple in Dubai  is a multi-storey facility spread over 100,000 sq.ft building area located at T-Junction of two large accessible roads. The building has two basements, a ground floor and a first floor, plus an intermediate terrace floor. Each basement is measured 25,000 square feet that can contain parking space for up to 100 cars. The 21,000 square feet ground floor houses the dining hall, kitchen, pantry, and store room. The reception desk and Gurudwara office is also in the ground floor complimented with wash room and shoe storage facilities.

As one roams the complex, one will be hearten and in awe. There is a 54 meter Parikarma covered with traditional grill work. The water body flowing around the road frontage is inspired by the Sarowar of the Golden Temple. It cast a surreal reflection of the building facade with the cascade feature lending the sound of flowing water. There are two main entrances to the complex, one from each access road. Each having wash rooms and shoe storage facilities, that is also designed to cater the special needs of senior citizens. The grand staircase is designed to hold a huge traffic of people going up and down. It is flattered by tall windows radiating natural light from stained glass that perfectly magnifies space.

The Prayer Hall has two doors and two Parshad (sweets) counters, in the lobby area. The 7.2 meter soaring ceiling is elegantly crowned by the astounding 18 meter diameter dome roof. The column free hall is surrounded in circular form by the classical arch windows. An Aile runs diagonally across the hall to the Palki Sahib. One will be left in pure reverence and feel grandeur in experiencing the ambiance of the hall.
The function room that overlooks prayer hall is of great utility. It boasts to service 900 people, also having a stage best fit for matrimonial ceremonies. The dining area asserts to accommodate 600 people and prepare 1800 rotisserie per hour and wash 1200 plates and glass per hour.


While driving on Sheikh Zayed Road, Take Exit 25/Interchange No.6, R/A right, at Dead end left, First right behind Jebel Ali Hospital, First right again, straight on the left is the Gurudwara


Opening time is 4.30 am and Closing is 9.30pm daily without closure during the day.

Booking Services

For Booking any of their Services, please contact Gurudwara Admin Office during their administrative working hours. Please visit the Services Section to know more about the services offered.
You may also contact their senior administrative members on below mobile numbers:
Mobile of General Manager: +971-50-1004085 and +971-55-8977441


Sikh Gurdwara Temple
P.O. Box 61348
Dubai – U.A.E.

Contact Details 

Tel.: +971-4-8827550 4:30am to 9:30pm (GMT+4)




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