Quran Park Dubai at Al Khawaneej area near Last Exit and The Yard

Quran Park Dubai at Al Khawaneej area

Quran Park Dubai is located in the Al Khawaneej area near the last exit D89 and The Yard Dubai.

Quran Park Dubai

Quran Park Dubai

Quran Park was opened for visitors on 29-Mar-2019, Friday.

The main aim of the Quran Park Dubai is to educate the tourists and visitors about Islam and miracles of the Quran. Along with this, it aims to bridge cultural differences in this Year of Tolerance (2019).

What is the ticket price for Quran Park Dubai?

The entry to the Quran Park Dubai is free for all visitors

Caves of Miracles & Glass House cost Dh10 to enter.

What is the Quran park Dubai timings?

Sunday 8AM–10PM
Monday 8AM–10PM

(Prophet’s Ascension)

Hours might differ

(Prophet’s Ascension)

Hours might differ
Thursday 8AM–10PM
Friday 8AM–10PM
Saturday 3–10PM

How to reach holy quranic park al khawaneej Dubai?

Google map to Al Quran Park Dubai – https://goo.gl/maps/tGvP7TRTzUD2

Things to do in holy Quran park al Khaleej

  1. Roam around in the 60-hectare park
  2. Enjoy & understand the kiosks with information about the plants and their use in food and medicine as mentioned in verses of the Quran.
  3. Visit 12 Islamic gardens, which house 54 plants mentioned in the Holy Quran, such as figs, pomegranate and olives.
  4. Visit, enjoy and click a lot of photographs of attraction in Quran Park Dubai:
    • The Cave of Miracle (the miracles of the Quran) which shows miracles described in the Holy Quran using interactive technology
    • An Umrah corner
    • An outdoor theatre
    • Glass House with accommodating of 15 items of plants
    • Children’s play areas
    • A lake running
    • Running and Cycling tracks
    • Outdoor theatre
    • Miracle show area

  1. Amenities in the park for visitors
  • Wifi across the park
  • Phone charging stations
  • Shaded seating areas

Does holy Quran park al khawaneej have public wifi?

Yes, The Quran Park Dubai have public wifi

Does Quran Park Dubai have Phone charging stations?

Yes, it’s available

Does Quran Park UAE have enough seating areas?

Yes, it’s available

Other parks in Dubai that you must visit and enjoy

Other attractions near Quran Park Dubai

The Yard is just 500 meters walkable distance from the Quran Park Dubai. So when you are visiting Quran Park Dubai, you must visit The Yard. The Yard Dubai and Love Bridge are one of the recommended places to visit in Dubai. It’s free entry. Click to know more details

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