Bollywood Theme Park – Theme Parks in Dubai, UAE

Bollywood Theme Park – Theme Parks in Dubai, UAE

Bollywood Theme Park - Dubai, UAE.

Bollywood Theme Park – Dubai, UAE.

Bollywood theme park is set to open in October 2016 as part of Dubai Parks and Resorts. Bollywood theme park in Dubai will cover a total of three million square feet space. The destination will host 16 rides and attractions within five movie themed areas. Theme movie themed areas are featuring content developed in partnership with Mumbai’s major film studios such as:

  • Bollywood Film Studios
  • Mumbai Chowk
  • Hall Of Heroes
  • Regal Plaza
  • Rustic Ravine

Each zone will capture the kaleidoscope of colour, emotion, music and visuals associated with Hindi movies.

For the first time ever you will live, learn and experience the kaleidoscopic world of Mumbai’s famous film industry. In addition to the themed zones, it will offer a variety of retail outlets and themed restaurants integrating vibrant elements of true Bollywood.

Bollywood Theme Park Dubai Details:

Where is the location of Bollywood Theme Park?

Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Location Map

What is the opening Date of Bollywood Theme Park?

Bollywood park is OPEN now (17-Nov-2016)

Bollywood Parks Dubai Park Hours

  • 31 Dec 2016: 2pm to 3am
  • Thursday & Friday – 2pm to 12am
  • Saturday to Wednesday – 2pm to 10pm

What is the Ticket rate of Bollywood Theme Park?

  • Single ticket: AED 285
  • Multi parks ticket: AED 480
  • Annual pass: AED 755
  • Jaan-e-Jigar ticket: AED 299  (Bollywood musical packed spectacular two-hour show)
  • Q-Fast: AED 100 (Reduce the waiting time)

For More Information

What are the main attractions and activities?

  • Bollywood boulevard
  • Mumbai chowk
  • Rolay plaza
  • Rustic ravine
  • Bollywood studios Hall of Heroes

How to contact them for more information?

Tel: 8002629464

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