Holiday packages from Dubai

Holiday packages from Dubai

Top Holiday packages from Dubai are vast because a lot of people travel during the summer season in Dubai to escape to a pleasant climate. Hence it becomes difficult for the residents and locals of UAE to decide on which location to select for their holiday.

One of the major thing that comes to our mind while planning for a vacation is where can we visit without a visa?

Holiday packages from Dubai to Azerbaijan

Holiday packages from Dubai to Azerbaija

Listed below are Five countries that UAE residents can visit visa-free

That means countries that anyone can visit without a visa as long as they are a UAE resident with valid passport and 6 months valid UAE visa.

Countries not requiring visa for UAE residents

  1. Azerbaijan
  2. Georgia
  3. Maldives
  4. Seychelles
  5. Mauritius
Information courtesy: khaleejtimes

There are many more excellent destinations. However, let us see why these places?

They are budget-friendly yet some of the beautiful destinations to be visited at least once in your lifetime. They serve the best variety of food which makes them a good choice for foodies and all places are safe for family travellers too.

Listed below are some travel agencies offering best holiday packages from Dubai to Azerbaijan

Alison Travel – Azerbaijan

WhatsApp: +994502023315/+994704049499

AFC Holidays – Dubai

DadaBhai Travel – Dubai

Whatsapp – +971 56 5265001

Email –

Best places to visit in Azerbaijan –  Things to do in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is an amazing country. It has beauty, romance and contrast, the contrast of the capital and regions. Azerbaijan people love their country very much and are proud of their history. Travelling around the country will give you a lot of emotions and impressions. Alison Travel Azerbaijan wants to show you the loveliest places to see in Azerbaijan.

See what UAE best travel blogger – Peyman Al Awadhi  has to say about Azerbaijan, Baku


As soon as the sun goes below the horizon, the equally bright golden lights come on in front of your eyes. Baku at night has an especially luxury appearance. In the summer, even late at the night, you can meet walking families around Boulevard, mothers with children enjoy a light nightly coolness, and lovers walk along the embankment. Baku is a very romantic city, there is even a small Venice in it.


Flame towers – new decoration of Baku. It is important to notice that Baku residents love architecture very much. The city is imbued with aesthetics. Flame towers can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. The complex of buildings includes hotels, offices and apartments.

The buildings are completely covered with LED displays and in the evening, when the lights are turned on, you can observe the movement of fire from a distance resembling a flickering flame in the night.


The old town of Icheri Sheher is located in the centre of modern Baku. The place is unique, steeped in history, unusual architecture, as well as replete with souvenirs, small restaurants and traces of the silk road trade.

Baku residents call the Old Town among themselves a fortress, and the people who live in it are called serfs. It is surprising that ordinary people live in Icheri Sheher, about 1,300 families. The Old City even has its own municipality administration.

The city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Walking through the narrow streets you can find many shops with souvenirs, carpets, handbags from carpets, national clothes. Pricing is arbitrary and possible, but you even need to bargain. Also, in the fortress are museums, galleries, restaurants and hotels.


The Maiden’s Tower is one of the most historical heritage of Baku and one of the tallest ancient building (30 m high) on the Absheron Peninsula. There are legends around the name of the tower. The first legend tells of the tragic story of a beautiful girl. The daughter, not agreeing with the decision of her father to marry her unloved husband, dropped into the sea (by the way, before the Caspian Sea was right on the borders of the old town). The second legend is more life-affirming. The tower is called maiden, since it is not touched, none of the attackers could conquer it.
Having climbed to the very last tier, you find yourself on a viewing platform overlooking the old and new Baku. The spectacle is impressive.


The unique building of modern architecture. The world-famous architect Zaha Hadid virtually abandoned the use of straight lines. The Heydar Aliyev Center is an undulating structure that falls from the height to the ground with white massive lines.

Inside you can watch the collection of cars of Heydar Aliyev, also inside there is a cafe, art objects, Azerbaijan in miniature, as well as a better selection of the country’s main museums.


Lagich – the village of craftsmen. A small village in the mountains in the Ismayilli region. To get to the village, you need to drive along the picturesque mountain road. In one place it becomes so narrow that only one car can pass. Steep cobbled streets, stone houses and indescribable atmosphere. Roads lined with stones. During rain, the streets become very slippery, but the stones with which the paved paths save from falling.
Authentic atmosphere shows how people miraculously managed to preserve traditionalism. The village lies on the route of the Silk Road, at the foot of the wayward Kish River. Lagich became famous in the Middle Ages thanks to its talented craftsmen, who skillfully made edged weapons and copper products. All objects were decorated with the finest engraving of the ornament.


Sheki – the concentration of the historical heritage of the country. The climate is very different from Baku, it is fresher and cooler there. In Sheki, you should visit the Sheki fortress, the Palace of the Sheki Khans, the Upper and Lower Caravanserai, and many other places. The variety of Sheki apples is famous throughout the country. It is said that the best mutton is also from Sheki. Here you can try the famous Sheki halva, as well as see how they are doing it. The creation process is fascinating, and absorption is very high in calories and very sweet. Lovers of authentic shopping – a direct road to the Sheki market. In the market, you can buy the freshest products, live chickens, sheep wool, fix a samovar and just drink tea with a friendly seller.


Gobustan is an archaeological reserve, located to the south of Baku. On the territory of the reserve, you can see rock paintings and ancient sites of people. The figures depict men, women, animals, boats. From the height extends an amazing view of the Absheron Peninsula and the Caspian Sea. Before entering the reserve there is a magnificent museum. Azerbaijan admires with its beauty, culture and exotic. In Azerbaijan, you can find rest and adventures for every taste: from the luxury hotels to wild places full of beauty of the ancient time.

Do Indians in UAE need Visa to Baku, Azerbaijan?

All UAE residents, including Indians, will get a tourist visa on arrival in Azerbaijan, Baku. Hence no need to take a visa in advance

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