How to go to Georgia from Dubai ? Tbilisi info

How to go to Georgia from Dubai?

Before jumping into available options to go to Georgia let me describe you about why to consider Georgia as your next vacation destination.

Tibilisi Georgia

Tbilisi Georgia


Tbilisi view at night from the Cable Car!


Tbilisi from Dubai UAE

Tbilisi – city views

Tbilisi – Georgia a traveler’s dream

Georgia have beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers and vineyards with historical churches and monasteries which makes the place a  perfect travel destination.

Low crime rate, friendly people and tourist friendly facilities makes Georgia a traveler’s dream.  

Kazbegi - Georgia Tbilisi

Kazbegi – Tbilisi Georgia

Georgia is located on the crossroad of Europe and Asia. Georgian heritage starts from Krubera caves to architectures to art of Pirosmani and museums.  

The capital and largest city is Tbilisi. Georgia borders with Black Sea, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. Prominent cities are Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Zugdidi, Rustavi, Gori, Samtredia, Poti, Khashuri.

Georgian currency is Lari and language is Georgian.

Georgia claims to be the birthplace of wine.


How to go to Georgia from Dubai UAE

Flights flying to Tbilisi From UAE

Travel time – By flight

Approximate travel time from Dubai, UAE to Tbilisi, Georgia is 2 hrs, 44 mins. (2100 Kilometers)

Tour operators offering holiday packages to Tbilisi from Dubai

Visa Requirements to travel to Tbilisi Georgia from UAE

  • UAE Residence visa holders with 6 months validity do not require a visa for max 90 days in a 180-day period.
  • Residence permits of GCC countries also do not require a visa for max 90 days in a 180-day period.

Note: For latest visa requirements, we strongly suggest you to verify with your travel agent / Airline before you book hotels and flight.

Websites to check latest visa requirements to Georgia:

Major facilities of transport in Tibilsi Georgia

Major form of transport in Tbilisi is Bus/minibus called Marshrutka. Privately owned taxies are also widely available.


City buses are widely available.  The number and route details are displayed in bus windows in Georgian language. Electronic arrival boards are displayed in major bus stops. The signs are in English and Georgian.


Tbilisi has a two-line metro system – Akhmeteli-Varketili Line and Saburtalo Line. You can buy a Metromani card at the counter at metro station.


Taxi service at Tbilisi International Airport is available outside the terminal, just at the  Arrival Hall and provides 24 hour service to the passengers. The journey time to the city centre takes 20-30 minutes dependent on traffic. Taxi fee is 25 GEL from the airport to the city center.

Taxis are commonly available on roads in Tbilisi. Taxi on call- Phone: +995 32 2511511

Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour – Sightseeing company

Sightseeing Tbilisi

City sightseeing trips, group tours and daily trips from various locations.

City Sightseeing Tbilisi

Rkinis Rigi 11 ( Shardeni Street )

Tbilisi, Georgia.

Phone (mob):  +995 599501152

Phone:  +995 32 243 80 88



Places to visit in Tbilisi Georgia:


People and language

The people of Georgia are very warm hearted and pleasing in nature. They will definitely conquer your heart. While language is a small barrier as most of the locals speak only their native language and does not understand English.

Hence to roam around with family easily without any tension  you have an option to contact the City SightSeeing company who can arrange the entire travel plan for you as per your taste. They are located at the center of the city for your service.

 Best currency to carry to Georgia

The Georgian Lari is the currency of Georgia.

1 Lari = 1.50 UAE Dirhams (Approximately)

1 Lari = 0.42 USD (Approximately)

Note that UAE Dirhams cannot be exchanged in Georgia. Hence always make sure that you carry US Dollars or Euro with you which can be exchanged easily to Lari. There are many banks and money exchanges through which you can exchange the currency. Facility to exchange the currency is even available in most of the metro stations.

Climate in Georgia Tbilisi

The average annual temperature in Tbilisi is 12.7 °C (54.9 °F). January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 0.9 °C (33.6 °F). July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 24.4 °C (75.9 °F).  May and June are the wettest months (averaging 84 mm (3.3 in) of precipitation each)

Snow falls on average 15–25 days per year.

Nov to May is coldest while Jun , Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct are the best months to visit Georgia.

The surrounding mountains often trap the clouds within and around the city, mainly during the Spring and Autumn months, resulting in prolonged rainy and/or cloudy weather. Northwesterly winds dominate in most parts of Tbilisi throughout the year.

Information courtesy: WikiPedia

Food in Georgia Tbilisi

You have plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available in Georgia – Tbilisi. Halal food is very rare in Georgia. However you can find many hotels in capital city Tbilisi where they serve Halal food.

The country is blessed with seafood. Do not forget to try their special grilled Fish!

Georgian Barbeque Beef

Georgian Barbeque Beef

The special foods to be tried are:

  • Khachapuri (Bread baked with cheese or egg or meat) 
  • Churchkhela (Candy made with wine extracts)
  • Khinkali (Georgian soup dumpling)
  • Lobio (Red beans in clay pot)
  • Lobiani (Bread baked with beans)
Georgian Food

Georgian Food

Grilled Fish - Georgian Food

Grilled Fish – Georgian Food

Electric – volt and plug info in Georgia Tbilisi:

Voltage: 220-240 Volts

Georgia Tbilisi electric plug socket

Georgia Tbilisi electric plug socket


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Happy journey 🙂

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