Dubai Safari Park – Al Warqa. Opened on 12 Dec 2017. [Closed now] دبي سفاري

Dubai Safari Park (دبي سفاري) – Al Warqa Dubai

Update - 27.Dec.2018Dubai Safari Park is closed now. Please visit for opening date and latest information


Dubai Safari Park – Opened on 12 December 2017. 

Dubai Safari Park Ticket Price

  • Adults: Dh50 (Without Safari Village) to Dh85 (With Safari Village)
  • Children: Dh20 (Without Safari Village) to Dh30 (With Safari Village)
  • Free entry: Children below three, adults above 60 and people of determination (special needs). Show your ID or Passport copy.

What are the attractions at Dubai Safari? Must see attractions!

Safari Village in Dubai Safari Park (45 to 120 minutes tour required)

  • Bird Theater with 6 shows
  • Air-conditioned jeep vehicle
  • Cheetah in the jungle
  • Giraffe feeding
  • Hypo-aquarium to see underwater world
  • Display of brown lions and bears
Dubai Safari Logo

Dubai Safari

Arabian Village in Dubai Safari Park (20 to 25 minutes tour required)

  • Travel on a train and enjoy horse, birds, ostriches & Falcons

Asian Village in Dubai Safari Park (30 to 90 minutes tour required)

  • Walk around and view 3 major attractions
  • Theatre of 6 shows
  • Enjoy watching elephants, pandas, and monkeys

African Village in Dubai Safari Park (90 to 140 minutes tour required)

  • Travel on a train
  • Four stops for walking and watch white lion, gorillas, hyenas, chimpanzee, white dogs and birds.

Children’s Farm in Dubai Safari Park (60 to 120 minutes tour required)

  • Near the park entrance
  • Educational zone for children explaining about animal behavior and how to take care of them


Other details

  • Dubai Safari Park is located in Al Warqa 5 in Aweer Road in an area 400 hectares and includes Safari, Butterfly Park, golf courses, entertainment and recreational areas.
  • Dubai Safari Park- Al Warqa has Arabian Village, Asian Village, African Village to accommodate animals from different continents
  • The park will feature air-conditioned rocks, chilled pools, misting machines and a large theatre that seats 1,000 people.
  • As far as animals go, expect lions, bears, monkeys, bats, elephants, cheetahs, tigers and much, much more.
  • Interestingly, there will be air-conditioned rocks, chilled pools and misting machines built into the park to help keep the animals cool over the summer months.
  • The fence around the safari park will be 3.7 kilometers long.
  • There will be a large theatre in the zoo that seats 1,000 people – this stage will host shows featuring binturong (also known as a Bearcat) and raccoons.
  • It will take about eight hours to take in the whole park, and there will eventually be a hotel on site.
  • In total there will be four restaurants in the park, and one of them will look over the cheetah exhibit.
  • The African area will have lions, gorillas, chimps, warthogs, antelope and a walk-through aviary.
  • During the summer months, the park will be open in the evening only due to the heat.
  • The Arabic village will be divided into three environments – the desert, the mountains and the steppe (which means a large area of land that’s mostly treeless but has plenty of shrubs). This area will also feature Bedouin activities – including falconry and dog hunting.
  • The African area will feature both a savannah and a rainforest, and there will also be a Safari Area where visitors can ride around in a safari car (that’s air-conditioned) in a tour that takes about an hour.

Dubai safari zoo park location layout

Dubai safari zoo park location layout

The safari that covers 119 hectares of the total area is aimed at establishing the best centre for wildlife in the world, providing a variety of environments appropriate to different animals.

The project will use modern interactive methods in control and movement to ensure the distinctive and unique experience for visitors.

“The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2014,”

Dubai Safari will replace the ailing Dubai Zoo and hundreds of animals, birds and other creatures living in enclosures in the existing Dubai Zoo in Jumeirah will be relocated to the new site.

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