Al Ghurair University Dubai

Al Ghurair University Dubai

Al Ghurair University Dubai

Al Ghurair University (AGU) is a private university located in DubaiUnited Arab Emirates and founded by Al Ghurair. The university offers bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Interior Design.

The university was founded in 1999 for the purpose of serving the national and regional community through equipping the young generations with the necessary knowledge and skills to fit to the development and productivity of their communities. Al Ghurair University is licensed by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. All bachelor degree programs offered by AGU have been granted accreditation.


Al Ghurair University’s aim is to become a leading learner-centered private university in the region in the next decade, with special strengths in the fields of Engineering, Business Management, Information and Communications Technology, and Interior Design.


Al Ghurair University is a private educational institution dedicated to offer innovative undergraduate and graduate programs, provide continuing professional education, and to actively engage in relevant and impactful research. The University’s educational programs foster student’s learning that contributes to the development of individual and society. The University adopts a global view in its educational programs to provide opportunities to launch and enhance careers in a diverse global society.


  • To offer quality academic programs those are continuously assessed and improved.
  • To engage in active research that improves the ongoing teaching and learning as well as contributes to the local, regional and global development.
  • To develop and advance the professional and career interests of its students through development of knowledge, skills, and values to achieve success in their careers and life.
  • To prepare students to contribute to the economic prosperity and social welfare of the local, regional and global community.
  • To attract and retain students for maintaining a steady growth of students enrolment.
  • To attract and retain highly talented and professional faculty and staff reflecting the diversity of the social and cultural environment of the region.
  • To establish partnerships and collaborations with industry, public and private institutions to enhance its participatory role in contributing to the developmental needs of the region


PO Box 37374
Dubai Academic City
Dubai, UAE

Contact Details

Phone: +971 – 4 4200223
Fax: +971- 4 4200224

Admission Office:
+971 – 4 4200227
+971 – 4 4200228

Al Ghurair University Dubai Website


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