Dubai UAE Traffic Rules – important rules and regulations to know while visiting Dubai

Dubai UAE Traffic Rules

It is better to understand the driving rules and regulations to be followed in a country while you visit the place. Even thought UAE has the best police to guide you across, obey the rules for your own safety!

In this ever expanding city, the rules and regulations regarding transport are strictly followed. Else you will end up with fines. So understand “Dubai UAE Traffic Rules” listed below.

Dubai UAE Traffic Rules

Dubai UAE Traffic Rules

Useful links

The Dubai police website is very informative and can keep you updated with new traffic laws:

Dubai Police: 8007777

The RTA website is as follows:

RTA Call Centre: 8009090

Eligibility to drive in Dubai UAE

To drive legally in Dubai:

  • The driver must be aged eighteen or over with a full possession of a valid
    • international driving license or
    • a UAE license or
    • a licence from an approved country
  • It is mandatory to have all of the relevant insurance documents for the vehicle, and driving license, on your person at all times.

Rules and Regulations

  • Vehicles are driven on the right side of the road in Dubai.
  • Children younger than 13 years old are prohibited to sit in front seat
  • Children between the ages of 4 and 8 are required to sit on a booster seat
  • Seatbelts are to be worn mandatorily at all times by passengers in front seat
  • Drivers must use handsfree sets if talking on their mobile phone.
  • New traffic signs have been introduced for tram safety and penalties have been introduced for running red lights at tram junctions (a fine as much as AED 30,000).
  • Driving schools are offering ‘Tram Theory’ classes in the hope that the new regulations will be followed and that the roads become a safer, and as a result of the tram, less polluted.
  • It is mandatory that all vehicles on road are roadworthy, insured and registered.
  • For cars over two years old, a road-worthiness test (vehicle passing test) is required annually.
  • If wishing to drive a private car in Dubai, having a temporary or permanent license is necessary.

Speed Limit

There are different speed limits on different roads. These are clearly mentioned on road signs.

Traffic Offences

Driving licenses have a ‘black point’ system in Dubai. If 24 points are gained in one year then the driving license will be revoked for at least three months.

If any alcohol has been consumed then taking a taxi or similar to go back home has to be strictly followed. Else you will incur the greatest number of points (24) and penalties + your car will be confiscated + court proceedings will take place.


No matter how minor are the accidents, it should be reported to police so as to access and issue a pink or green slip. The green paper slip is required if a claim is necessary. This paper is essential for the insurance companies and also if the car has to be repaired, as the garage must have a copy of the paper before they can fix the car.

New traffic rule amendments in Dubai UAE 2017

Goal: To reduce road fatalities to 3 per 100,000 population

The newly amended Federal Traffic laws will be implemented from July 1 2017.

A vehicle without number plates, 24 black points can be slapped on the violator.

In some cases, fines as high as Dh3,000 can be imposed and cars confiscated for 90 days

  1. . Mandatory child seats – for children age 4 and under
  2. . Mandatory seatbelts – for all passengers, including rear seat ones
  3. . Front seat passenger – Minimum height of 145cm and not under age 10
  4. . Traffic Police to take no-tolerance approach to speeding + severe violations

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