Ain Dubai in Bluewaters Island – renamed from Dubai-I to Ain Dubai.

Ain Dubai in Bluewaters Island – Dubai-I

The Ain Dubai in Bluewaters Island (previously called Dubai-I) will serve as the centrepiece of Bluewaters Island – a new Dhs 6 billion project which will include a range of entertainment, hospitality, residential and retail zones as well as the Ferris wheel. The giant Ferris wheel will be build at the coast of JBR.

Ain Dubai in Bluewaters Island

Ain Dubai in Bluewaters Island

Do you know why is it named as Ain Dubai?

‘Ayn’ is the sixteenth letter of the Arabic alphabet, and translates as ‘eye’.

The hub and spindle were both manufactured and assembled in the UAE and later shipped to Bluewaters Island to be placed atop the Ain Dubai’s 126-metre-high legs.

The assembled hub and spindle stretch 40 metres across and 20 metres high, weighing a total of 1,805 tonnes.

Ain Dubai in Bluewaters Island

Ain Dubai in Bluewaters Island

The wheel’s hub will later be connected to the rim via 192 spoke cables.

Once completed, the Ain Dubai will feature 48 capsules and a holding capacity of up to 1,400 visitors at any given time – with a full rotation of the Ain Dubai taking 48 minutes.

The Ain Dubai’s construction was made possible thanks to the help of two of the world’s largest cranes, each with an 180-metre-long boom and the capability to lift more than 3,000 tonnes.

For reference, that’s a lifting capacity of close to 11 Airbus A380s.

What is the opening date of Ain Dubai in Bluewaters Island previously called as Dubai-I?

Will be announced shortly…

Where is Ain Dubai built?

Ain Dubai is build at Bluewaters Island constructed at JBR.

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