Posh paws – Animal Sanctuary and Petting farm – Dubai

The Animal Sanctuary and Petting farm opened its gates on the 1st April 2009. Our aim is to provide a one of a kind, fun and educational experience for children that cannot be found anywhere else in the UAE. Nearly all the animals at the sanctuary are donated, unwanted or rescued animals. We are a non-profit organisation run by a team of volunteers and animal lovers alongside Posh Paws Kennels and Cattery and rely on donations alone.

Children can feed, touch or hold various animals whilst learning some fun facts about each one and how to care for the animals correctly. We currently take care of the following animals:- Sloth, Porcupine, Cockatoo, Ponies, Deer, Llamas, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Kinkajou, Ferrets, Goats, Cows, Flamingo, Baboon, Ducks and many more birds.

We are open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm and we welcome families and school groups to the farm, organise school trips and also pet parties where we bring the animals to you! We want The Animal Sanctuary and Petting Farm to be a place where you can visit often and enjoy the animals as much as we do. If you would like to bring food for the animals, it is never refused! There is no charge, but a small donation box sits on the table, the money donated helps to pay for food, medical bills and equipment these innocent creatures need.

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