Nibras International School Dubai

Nibras International School Dubai

Nibras International School Dubai

Nibras International School Dubai

Nibras International School Dubai was Established in 2005, Nibras International School Dubai (NIS) offers an American Curriculum for students in KG through Grade Twelve, designed in consultation with the American University of Beirut (AUB)which was appointed as our academic consultant from 2003 to 2008. Catering to a student population of more than 82 nationalities, Nibras endeavors to provide an academic and social environment where all students can be successful critical thinkers and life-long learners.

Mision Statement

Nibras International School (NIS) provides excellence in education by providing a rigorous academic and social environment where all students can meet their educational and career goals. NIS offers a challenging and flexible academic program with an emphasis on Science, Mathematics, comprehensive English Language Arts, Arabic for Arabic and non-Arabic speaking students, and/or French. The program also incorporates the meaningful use of technology to support core academic subjects. Furthermore, NIS is committed to providing a strong athletic program as well as a rich extracurricular program aligned with its mission. NIS provides a culturally accepting environment that is responsive to and promotes growth socially, emotionally, and creatively for all students.

Vision Statement

1. All traditions and nationalities are respected
2. Academic and pastoral support is provided for all students
3. All students experience a safe and supportive environment
4. An American and International curriculum that is tailored for our cohort international students
5. Instructed by English speaking, highly qualified teaching and administrative staff
6. All students receive the needed academic support to be successful
7. Students receive research-based teaching and assessment practices making each student eligible to earn an American High School Diploma and to sit for university entrance examinations such as the SAT, and Advanced Placement exams
8. All students have access to extracurricular activities
9. All parents are considered important members of the “school community”

Core Values

Nibras International School we are committed to:
1. Providing the highest quality of education and social development for students in
response to individual needs.
2. Instilling in students the respect for their own and others cultural values and
traditions, preparing them to think and act globally.
3. Encouraging everyone to take a pride in themselves and the school.
4. Equipping students to acquire and use technology and skills that will prepare
them for the 21st century.
5. To empower students to set realistic goals and manage their achievements
6. Forging close links with people and organizations in the local community.


Nibras International School

Dubai Investment Park-1

Dubai UAE. P.O.Box:54084

Contact Details

Tel.: +971 4 8853330

Fax: +971 4 8853331


Nibras International School Dubai Website:

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