Mashawi Lebanese Grill – Restaurant – Dubai

Mashawi is one of the restaurant management brands of Intercat Hospitality Inc. It’s maiden branch was launched at Ibn Batuta Mall in 2005. Since then, Mashawi has become one of the most successful home-grown restaurant brands in Dubai. Mashawi infuses rich Lebanese cuisine with distinctive Arabic hospitality. From a wide range of menu options, to smiling servers, creative offerings, to convenient locations, Mashawi goes the extra mile to make guests feel most welcome to our restaurants. Mashawi’s core menu features authentic Lebanese food. The focus is fresh, quality ingredients, consistency in preparation and unique presrentation of traditional favorite dishes. The highlight of Mashawi’s gastronomic experience is the wide array of grilled dishes. Cooked slowly over crackling coal, Mashawi’s grilled specialties are consistently tender and juicy. Mashawi’s traditional, no-fuss approach in grilling rbings out the natural flavors of the meat whether it’s lamb, beef, chicken or fish. Mashawi’s hot & cold mezzeh, fried delicacies, desserts and beverages are also definitely not to be missed.

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