JustKidding – Online Baby Store Dubai

JustKidding Store is the perfect one-stop-shop for modern parents who want to provide their children with a fun, safe, trendy and comfortable environment to grow up in. The Store stocks more than 55 mainly Western quality brands ranging from colourful strollers to super safe car seats, fashionable furniture with a sheer endless choice of interior design accessories and several hip and funky clothing labels for babies, young children and mothers-to-be.

In October 2011 JustKidding received the award for ‘Online Retailer of the Year‘ by a jury of industry professionals during the annual award-ceremony hosted by leading magazine RetailME. In April 2009 JustKidding was awarded ‘Best New RetailBrand of Year‘ as well as ‘Rising Star of the Year‘ by the RetailME Awards. This great achievement will only inspire us more to open a JustKidding store close to you soon! Please click here if you are interested to open a franchise yourself.JustKidding was founded by parents:Annemarie Boenk – ReteraFormer bank manager and insurance-specialist Annemarie is JustKidding’s General Manager and Mum of 2, Tijn & Famke. Annemarie combines motherhood with her busy job and loves to work-out in between. She enjoys fine dining and spending time with the kids. Annemarie manages not only our stores in Dubai, with help of a team of 30+ people, but also this webshop. She’s looking forward to opening many more stores in the region ! If you wish to contact Annemarie directly, please email her at: annemarie@justkidding-me.com

Ben Boenk Ben is the CEO of DutchKid, the parent company of JustKidding that is wholesaling all those great brands you find in our stores. Former owner of a party catering company Ben is married to Annemarie and hence the father of Tijn and Famke. Dutchman Ben loves cooking and sailing and enjoys showing the kids interesting places around the world. Ben’s direct email is: ben@dutchkid.com

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