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Hatta Dam in UAE Dubai – Neighborhood Places to Visit in Dubai

Hatta Dam in Dubai (Hatta Reservoir Visitor Point)

Google Map link to Visitor Point:  https://www.google.ae/maps/place/Hatta+Reservoir+Visitor+Point/

Hatta is the inland exclave of the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, located relatively high in the Hajar Mountains. Traditionally the summer habitation of Dubai-based families escaping the heat and humidity of the coast, it lies to the south-east of Dubai’s main territory. Since the early 1980s, Hatta has been a popular destination for adventuring expatriates and local families alike ‘wadi bashing’ through the tracks between Hatta, Mahdah and Al Ain.

Hatta Dam in UAE - Neighbourhood Places to Visit in Dubai

Hatta Dam in UAE – Neighbourhood Places to Visit in Dubai

Hatta is about 115 km (71 mi) east of Dubai City. It has a popular Heritage Village, including a collection of reconstructed traditional mountain dwellings and is popular for weekend getaways with both people camping in the winter months or staying at the Hatta Fort Hotel.

Hatta Dam in UAE - Neighbourhood Places to Visit in Dubai

Hatta Dam in UAE – Neighbourhood Places to Visit in Dubai

Hatta Dam in UAE - Neighbourhood Places to Visit in Dubai

Hatta Dam in UAE – Neighborhood Places to Visit in Dubai

Hatta Dam in UAE -Neighborhood Places to Visit in Dubai – More Details

How to reach Hatta from Dubai?

  1. Take via S 112/ Maliha Rd from Dubai ( Click here for Google Map ) and follow E 102 route towards Hatta. You do not required to carry passport if you are taking this route.
  2. (Passport/Emirates ID is required if you are taking this route) This option is to follow Hatta-Oman road which goes in front of Dubai International City / Dragon Mart towards Madam. If you are taking this route you have to carry your passport as there will be Oman Check Point in before you reach Hatta. Moreover UAE visit visa holders will not be able take this route.

Where is the location of Hatta Dam (Hatta Reservoir Visitor Point)?

  • Located relatively high in the Hajar Mountains

How to reach Hatta Dam once you reach Hatta?

  • You can see a signboard towards Hatta Heritage Village from Hatta main round about.
  • In the round about you can see Hatta Fort Hotel, Hatta Co-operative Society & Hatta Mall.
  • Follow the Heritage Village signboard.
  • From Heritage Village go straight till you reach a T-junction.
  • From the T-junction take left. Once you take left you can see a mosque on your right side.
  • Keep going straight for around a kilometer. You will see a steep road going top of the mountain.
  • Don’t worry the road is well maintained and tarred.
  • The road ends on top of a mountain. You will have an amazing view of green water surrounded with mountains there. You have reached your destination Hatta Dam.
  • Google Map link  https://www.google.ae/maps/place/Hatta+Reservoir+Visitor+Point/

What is the distance to Hatta from Dubai?

  • Approximately 137.0 km

What is the duration required to reach Hatta from Dubai?

  • 1 hour 40 minutes  (Approx)
Hatta dam in uae Dubai - Way Towards Hatta Dam

Way Towards Hatta Dam Dubai

What are other attractions around Hatta Dam?

  • Heritage Village
  • Hatta Pools
  • Camel Rock / Fossil Rock
  • Mineral Water Factories
  • Hatta Hill Park

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