Dubai St. George’s Society

The Society was originally formed in the 1970s. Dubai was then a much smaller community and a large part of expatriate life involved groups getting together and making their own entertainment. The annual St George’s Ball quickly became a highlight of the social calendar and the Society also held numerous events throughout the rest of the year.

The original Society was very active until the mid-1990s but the rapidly changing face of Dubai saw support for the Society gradually dwindle. A few old-times tried to keep it active but they were in competition with new forms of entertainment and the Society ceased to exist.
In 2002 Nick Dutt gathered a small group together with the idea of reviving the society – why should the Scots, Welsh and Irish celebrate their national event in such fine form, but not the English, was one of the moving thoughts. Nick became the Chairman of the committee that was formed and the first event was a Golden Jubilee Ball held at Dubai International Marine Club at Mina Seyahi.

Much to the relief of the committee it was well attended and the Society has been thriving ever since. For the St George’s Ball the following year entertainment was provided by a quartet from the Band of the Lifeguards and a military band has been brought over every year to perform at the ball.
Events are held throughout the year and these include quizzes, desert drives, wine tasting evenings, race nights and the annual carol service at the British Embassy, now held jointly with the Caledonian and Welsh Societies.
As well as enjoying social events, members also raise large amounts for various charities. Follow the link on the left to find out more.

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