Dubai Pink Ride 2019 on Nov 1st at Sunset Mall

Dubai Pink Ride 2019 on Nov 1st at Sunset Mall

Dubai Pink Ride

Dubai Pink Ride

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Dubai Pink Ride 2019 on Nov 1st at Sunset Mall, welcomes people aged 15 and older to understand the importance of early detection to catch cancer in its early stages. You have the options for a 13.5 km bike route and 32.5 km motor bike route and learning about breast cancer at Dubai Pink Ride. This event serves to shower light on the life-saving value of regular check-ups and maintaining  better health habits during the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

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Dubai Pink Ride 2019 Details:

Where is the venue of Dubai Pink Ride 2019?

Sunset Mall

Jumeirah Beach Rd


United Arab Emirates

Location Map

What is the date and duration of Dubai Pink Ride 2019?

01 November, 2019

What are the timings of Dubai Pink Ride 2019?

6:30 AM

What are the ticket rates?

Free Entry

How to contact them for more information?

Contact No: +971 4 330 7333



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