Dubai Holy Quran Award 2013

Sheikh Mohammed established the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) in 1418 (Hijri calendar) following instructions from Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Sheikh Mohammed sponsors the Award.

Annually, the Dubai International Holy Quran Award is given to people who memorise and recite the Quran. In addition, an Islamic Personality of the Year Award is presented to an eminent Muslim personality or an outstanding Islamic organisation.

The Award was established in order to encourage young Muslims to memorise and understand the Holy Quran, and to spread the Quranic values of peace and love.

Learn more about Islam through this event with its Holy Quran memorisation contest and informative lectures on Islam.

Dubai International Holy Quran Award event features Holy Quran memorisation contests as well as lectures on Islam at various locations across the emirate aimed at confirming and celebrating Islamic values. Many world-renowned Islamic scholars have been invited to enliven this spiritual month.  The events of the festival are held from the first until the 20th of Ramadan each year.

Date: Wednesday, 10th July – Thursday, 8th August 2013
Duration: 30 days
Audience: General Public, UAE Nationals
Venue: Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
Admission: Free Admission
Telephone: + 971 4 261 0666
Dubai International Holy Quran Award Website:

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