Asghar Furniture – Online store for furniture Dubai

ASGHAR FURNITURE is a company rising up out of the sands of UAE, serving for more than 30-years & catering those who are looking for furniture for their Homes or Offices.

Fast forward thirty years and did it ever go fast. Today’s Asghar Furniture has grown as one of the biggest furniture company in the UAE region. While we are proud of our growth and achievements over the years, we feel it is what we fondly call the four things i.e. QUALITY, STYLE, SELECTION, SERVICE as our cornerstones to our business model. They are the basis for every decision we make and the guiding principles to our mission statement.

Passion is the word that best captures our fascination and obsession with innovative, high-quality design. While many of our customers are more than familiar with the Asghar Furniture products look, what most of them don’t know is that the majority of our designs are created exclusively for us. Our passion for product is what started Asghar Furniture and it will always be what moves us forward.

At Asghar Furniture, we present our products to help your eye focus on shape, form, color and function. If you didn’t notice, we continue to be in love with what we do. And we have to tell you, we feel extremely fortunate and privileged in that. But there is always so much more to do. Each day at our company headquarters and stores brings new products, opportunities and challenges. We’re born risk takers and that is what has always given us our edge.

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