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Al Mawakeb School

Al Mawakeb School

Al Mawakeb School Dubai, UAE

Al Mawakeb School, founded in 1979 and managed by AMSI,  Al Mawakeb School  provides a comprehensive university preparatory education to a student body of over 5,500 (on both campuses: AlGarhoud and Al Barsha) of diverse backgrounds and nationalities.
In May 2010, Al Mawakeb School earned a five-year full term accreditation from AdvancED, an American education community that serves over 27,000 private and public schools in the US and 69 countries worldwide.
Although our medium of instruction is English, we follow a unique trilingual education program in English, French, and Arabic which enables our graduates to pursue higher education worldwide. The students begin studying the English, French, and Arabic languages as of Kindergarten.
Students of Grade 10, 11, 12 follow an academic US-style curriculum (equivalent to a US Grade 12 Diploma). There is one common curriculum without streams. Subjects are compulsory. Non Muslim students are exempted from Islamic Education.
Upon completing twelve years of education, students receive a high school diploma recognized by the UAE Ministry of Education. Our high school diploma, in tandem with the educational preparation we designed, has enabled our graduates to attend universities all over the world.

Facilities & Services

Test Center
The school is an official exam center for SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and DELF (DiplômeElementaire De La Langue Française).
Notebooks 4 Books (N4B)
We restructured our classes to allow the use of notebook computers to replace the traditional book. Every grade 11 and 12 student carries a notebook computer that is fully loaded with data specified by his curriculum and level.
School Clinics
The school’s resident physician oversees all student health-related matters. Full time nurses on duty in school document the students medical records and are on call for any emergency.
Bus Services
The school’s air-conditioned buses equipped with tracing device, provide transportation to all students to every location in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.
The library includes a host of references, scientific and cultural publications in Arabic, English, and French. A wide range of novels in the three languages are available for students to borrow.
Art Workshops
Art classes for grades 1 through 7 are conducted in the art workshops that are also accessible to members of the Art Club who usually are involved in designing decorations and stage props for the many school activities.
Science Labs
The science laboratories are fully equipped for each of the sciences taught (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics). Each student has direct but supervised access to the material and instruments needed to facilitate the understanding of scientific concepts, and procedures.
Computer Labs
Computer Science is an integral part of the school’s curriculum. The state-of-the-art computer lab is equipped to accommodate a complete class of 30 students, each with an individual unit. The Internet is accessible from any PC in the lab and the school utilizes the facilities available to their fullest. The computer club uses the same lab after regular school hours to practice their skills and improve them.

Annual School Fees 2013-2014

Grade AED / per annum Grade AED / per annum
 KGI     AED 16,975.00 KGII     AED 16,975.00
 Grade 1 AED 20,630.00 Grade 2 AED 20,880.00
 Grade 3 AED 21,165.00 Grade 4 AED 21,425.00
 Grade 5 AED 22,060.00 Grade 6 AED 22,265.00
 Grade 7 AED 24,410.00 Grade 8 AED 25,915.00
 Grade 9 AED 27,505.00 Grade 10 AED 28,060.00
 Grade 11 AED 36,520.00* Grade 12 AED 38,255.00*
tuition fees From KG to Gr.10: The School fees listed above include all books, 1 set of P.E. uniform, 2 sets of school uniform & a comprehensive personal accident cover.
For Gr.11 & Gr.12: * The school fee listed above include a notebook computer fully loaded with the material required for their program, 1 set of P.E. uniform, 2 sets of school uniform & a comprehensive personal accident cover. The notebook computer is purchased once either in Gr.11 or Gr. 12. If it is already acquired in Gr.11, the student will be entitled to a deduction of its price in Gr.12.
Tailored Level Courses AED / per annum
 2-12  Arabic AED 2,000.00
 2-12  French AED 1,500.00
 4-12  Social Studies in English AED 2,000.00
 2-12  Islamic Education AED 1,500.00

Contact Details 

Al Mawakeb School – Al Garhoud    
Tel : +971 4 2851415
Fax : +971 4 2851988
P. O. Box: 10799, Dubai, UAE
Al Mawakeb School – Al Barsha
Tel :    +971 4 3478288
Fax :   +971 4 3478077
P. O. Box: 35001, Dubai, UAE



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