Al Maaref Private School Dubai

Al Maaref Private School Dubai

Al Maaref Private School Dubai

Al Maaref Private School in Dubai UAE

Al Maaref Private School is one of the well founded and established K12 educational institution in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. At Al Maaref, the entire staff is deeply committed to provide your child an exemplary bilingual American & Arabic education with an international “flavor”. More importantly, your children experience at Al Maaref will definitely change their lives and make them better learners, critical thinkers, proactive citizens who will be able to face the challenges in the future.

Al Maaref Private School Dubai UAE Deatails

School name: Al Maarifa Private School

Type of institute: private K-12 school

Curriculum or Student: Nationality Arabic/UK/US

Qualifications or Courses: UAE, SAT, IGCSE, A-level

Head of school: Mustafa Al Mousa (Director and Principal)

Date founded: September 1986

Number of students: (approx) 5000

School location: Al Yarmouk

Postal address: PO Box 7190, Sharjah, UAE

Telephone: +971-6-5014444

Fax: +971-6-5664441



School fees structure: 5,000-19,300 dhs per year (2012-2013)

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