Al Farooq Mosque Ramadan Activities 2013

Al Farooq Mosque and Centre welcomes six reciters to lead the Tarweeh Prayers during Ramadan.

Al Farooq Mosque Ramadan Activities purpose is to share the values of Islam, create a bridge between Arabic civilization and others. Moderation, peace and harmony, and tolerance are some words associated with the centre.

The Al Farooq Omar Ibn Al Khattab Mosque and Centre launches a series of events, activities and religious programs for the Holy month of Ramadan 1434 AH/2013 AD. The Mosque will host six outstanding reciters, known for their beautiful voices, to lead the Tarweeh, evening and night prayers during Ramadan.

Activities during the Holy month of Ramadan would include Quran Memorization as well as Tajweed sessions  for children. The Mosque will also host a lecture on the virtues of the Holy month of Ramadan for the expatriates in English language, and an Iftar program for non-Muslims in order to introduce them to Ramadan traditions and customs as well as the faith aspects in the Holy month. The Mosque will distribute a pocket-sized fasting calendar which provides the guidelines for fasting, as well as CDs.

Al Farooq Mosque Ramadan Activities

Al Farooq Mosque Ramadan Activities

Date: Wednesday, 10th July – Friday, 9th August 2013

Duration: 1 month 1 day

Audience: Family, General Public, UAE Nationals

Venue: Al Farooq Mosque and Centre

Admission: Free Admission
Telephone: + 971 4 394 4448

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