800PIZZA – The best Traditional and Authentic Italian Pizza Restaurant in Dubai

Just a few lines to tell you how proud we feel about the quality of food we serve.

At our outlets we only use original Italian ingredients and preparation in order to make our food taste exactly as it does in Italy.

Our pasta is made at the time of ordering, we don’t use any pre-cooked or pre-boiled pasta, we don’t make short cuts in-fact we might require some extra time to prepare our dishes as they are made fresh from scratch, we are promoters of the “slow food” concept being it in its preparation and consumption

so if you are looking for a fast food type of place then you might find a lot of those around but certainly not us.

We strive to serve you the “Italian food” without compromise so we do not serve any ketchup or mayonaise or jalapegnos with our pizzas.

Our pizzas have a very thin and slightly burnt crust (as it is done in Rome) this is a sign of Wood-Fired oven baking, to us Italians this is the best part of the Pizza.

Our dough is freshly made daily according to our own recipe, involving a special blend of hard and soft flour imported directly from Naples (south Italy) which produces this unique combination of crunchiness and softness. Simply tasteful and delicious.

Our pizzas are laid by hand with the traditional wood rolling pin on our marble preparation tables right in front of our customers.

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