Well of life Church Dubai

Well of life Church Dubai

Well of life Church Dubai, word based Church, Church in  Dubai, Prayer , United Arab Emirates

Well of life Church Dubai

Well of life Church Dubai is a New Testament, apostolic, kingdom of God, word based Church, and is in relationship with Apostolic men around the world. Their vision is to build a New Testament, Acts-style church in the desert region.

Well of Life is an autonomous local church led by a team of elders who is, under Jesus Christ the head of the church, carry final responsibility for governmental aspects of church life.

The eldership team consists of men who qualify biblically according to 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and have been called by Christ.
New elders are proposed by the existing eldership team but are ordained, set into the office, by an apostle (Acts 14:23)
or an apostle’sdelegate (Titus 1:5). The eldership team, like any other team, has a leader whom we refer to as the lead elder.
A good way of explaining the reason for and the limitations of this role is to say that the lead elder leads the eldership team which leads the church.

Elder, pastor and overseer are terms that are used interchangeably in scripture to describe different aspects of the role of eldership.
‘Elder’ refers to the biblical office these men occupy, while the verb pastor, (literally “to shepherd”), describes their spiritual role.
‘Overseer’ refers to the functional role of “directing the affairs of the local church”, and includes responsibility for direction, doctrine and discipline in the local church. Part of that responsibility includes financial oversight of the church. Financial integrity of the church is safeguarded through a thorough segregation of financial duties and an annual review of their financial records by external auditors.


Friday: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm


Al Barsha 1

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact Details 

Tel: +971 (0)43 369 9317

Email: ilink@wolhome.com

Website: http://www.wolhome.com/

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