Things to do in Dubai Desert Safari

Things to do in Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai – Image courtesy

Desert Safari trip is one of the exiting experience you should not miss in Dubai. You can enjoy the sandy beauty of the desert in a traditional Arabian cultural environment.

You can book with a professional Desert safari tour agent either through Internet or through the hotel you are staying. They will take care of all your activities and transportation requirements.


The tour drivers are all special trained staff with desert safari license. As per government regulations, vehicles are expected to be fully insured and well equipped with all the safety features like tracking machine, First Aid box, Roll bars, Seat belts etc. Recommend to check and confirm these with tour operator before the trip.

Things to do in Dubai Desert Safari are below:

  1. Exiting Dune Bashing.
  2. Photo shoot in middle of desert dunes.
  3. Sunset photography from Dunes.
  4. Camel Rides.
  5. Desert Bike Ride.
  6. Sand skiing – Do not miss this thrilling experience since this is one option you cannot do back home!!! And off-course down the dunes there are heap of thin nice sand to hold you. Enjoy skiing.
  7. Arabic Henna designing on hands
  8. Bar
  9. Arabic shisha ( the famous Arabic water pipe smoking)
  10. Arabic Coffee (gahwa) and Fresh Dates
  11. Option for photography in Traditional Arabic costumes for entire family
  12. Unlimited soft drinks, tea coffee and mineral water
  13. Buffet Dinner – Barbecue  Dinner (Both vegetarian & non-vegetarian)
  14. Belly Dancing (you can shake your bellies with the dancer on the floor)

Click and Read out full article for Approximate Ticket Price, Reservation and Timing & Duration  

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