Alcohol and Licenses in Dubai UAE

Alcohol and Licenses in Dubai UAE



Despite what some people may think, alcohol is relatively freely available in Dubai (a very stark contrast to Saudi Arabia). Almost all 4 and 5 star hotels have restaurants and or bars where alcohol is served, and many sports clubs have restaurant and bar facilities for example the Aviation Club, the Country Club.

Apply for a License with African + Eastern –


  • You must live in Dubai
  • You must be over 21 years of age
  • You must be non-Muslim
  • You must receive a minimum monthly salary of AED 3,000
  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the respective emirate’s Police Headquarters is compulsory if your residence visa is stamped in any emirate other than Dubai
  • An NOC is required from the Free Zone Authority for Free Zone employees in any emirate
  • An original salary certificate is required from all government employees
  • If you own the company you are working for, a copy of your trade licence or salary certificate is required
  • If your tenancy contract is not under your name (i.e. you live in shared accommodation) then a copy of the registered tenant’s contract, along with copies of their passport and residence visa are required, as well as an NOC stating that they have no objection to you holding a liquor licence
  • For Abu Dhabi visa holders applying for a liquor licence in Dubai, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required from the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA)
  • If your visa is stamped in an emirate other than Dubai and Abu Dhabi, an NOC is required from the respective police headquarters
  • Your spouse under your sponsorship can now independently apply for liquor licence. He or she will need an NOC from you along with similar set of documentation as your application (passport copy, resident visa and tenancy contract)
  • If you are not a tenant but an owner/investor of where you live in Dubai, a copy of your ownership deed is required.
  • The application form requires an employer’s company stamp to be VALID (this does not apply for an investor).
  • For all school, college or university employees (including teaching and non-teaching staff) an NOC is required from the teaching institution for a liquor licence application.
  • At renewal time, if you have changed sponsorship, the new employer’s stamp is required in addition to the other items listed in these Terms & Conditions.
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