– Buy and Sell online Market place – UAE was established in 2005 to become the largest e-commerce site in the Arab world covering Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, and soon expanding to new markets. is the channel were thousands of buyers & sellers in the region meet on a daily basis to sell products over a trusted platform that offers both various local payment options and integrated delivery methods catered to the markets that we serve.

From the first transaction we helped facilitate on; we have been pioneering the field of e-commerce in the Arab World to offer our users a constant safe, easy, and fun place to conduct business. We started as the first online auction site and quickly evolved to a fully integrated e-commerce site offering Fixed price options, online stores, and Souq SafePay to name a few.

Our team members are spread throughout the region in order to support all users wherever they are and work hard to make your online shopping experience better.

Welcome to the Arab online marketplace you’ve been waiting for.

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