Samsung Beach Soccer International Cup Dubai 2011

Developed by the founding partners of Beach Soccer Worldwide, the Beach Soccer rules were established in a dynamic format, one which causes each player’s individual skills to prevail, while stressing fair play among the athletes. The game was originally intended as a highly appreciated spectator sport, valuing and generating businesses in advertising and sales.

The formula has worked out. Beach Soccer has conquered the world quickly, and is now played in 75 countries within the six FIFA Confederation zones. It is a sport for all audiences, played by men, women and children alike.

The participation of internationally renowned players such as flamboyant Frenchman Eric Cantona, legendary Spanish strikers Michel and Julio Salinas and Brazilian samba stars such as Romario, Junior and Zico has helped to expand television coverage to large audiences in over 170 countries worldwide, making Beach Soccer one of the fastest growing professional sports in the world and converting it into a major showcase for international commercial opportunity.

Just over some years ago, beach soccer became a part of the FIFA family, and in May 2005, the first-ever FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup was staged on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

2009 saw The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup jump to a new continent. It was the time for Dubai. The Middle East country proved ready to host such a big event, and it did with a great success. A 5,000 seat stadium was packed almost for every match, and beach soccer fans witnessed Brazilian victory for the fourth time in a row, seeing newcomers Switzerland lose the final to the Canarinha.

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