Philadelphia Private School Dubai

Philadelphia Private School Dubai

Philadelphia Private School Dubai

Philadelphia Private School Dubai

Philadelphia Private School Dubai is a child-focused, learner-centered school. We believe that every child can learn and therefore we aim at gathering accurate data indicating how learners are performing, why they are performing well or not so well, and above all how we can help learners perform at the highest individual levels possible.

At PPS, we diagnose and assess the academic performance of learners and device plans to empower learners to make the right decisions and to take responsibility for their academic achievement and personal growth. We work on removing barriers to learning such as embarrassment, weak skill mastery, and lack of self-confidence in learning. We work on recognizing at first-hand the accomplishments of learners.

At PPS, we recognize and believe that academic excellence is only part of a school’s mission. We work on developing and promoting embedded and explicit character education, leadership responsibility, conflict-resolution skills, decision-making and choice-weighing strategies. Accordingly we encourage learners to set improvement goals and become life-long learner.

Philadelphia Private School Dubai Details

School fees structure: 16,391-28,068 dhs per year (2013-2014)
Teacher salary range: 3,700 – 7,400 dhs per month (estimate only, not confirmed)

School location/area/map

Muhaisnah 4, Al Ghusais – location map


Philadelphia Privat School

Postal address PO Box 185020

Dubai, UAE

Contact Details

Telephone: +971-4-2646202

Fax: +971-4-2646203


Philadelphia Private School Website:

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