Meem Gallery – Exhibitions – Dubai – UAE

In addition to exhibiting important modern and contemporary works, Meem encourages a greater understanding of Arab art through its publications, the Noor Library of Islamic Art, and contributions to the development of arts education.

In conjunction with every exhibition held at Meem a catalogue raisonné is produced in English and Arabic, providing viewers with a valuable resource on the artists and works displayed at the gallery. The Noor Library of Islamic Art, in Meem Gallery, is regarded as the largest resource centre for the arts of the Islamic world in the region. To date, the library houses a collection of 3,500 books, journals, and auction catalogues relating to Islamic and modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art.

The library is part of Al Noor Institute of Middle Eastern Art (NIMEA,, a non-profit institute initiated in 2002. NIMEA is dedicated to the archiving and promotion of Middle Eastern art and material culture, and aims to enhance the study and research of the arts of the region through the production of bilingual publications, educational programmes (lectures, seminars and panel discussions), and by working with leading art historians, museums and academic institutions, artists and galleries.

In March 2010, Meem Gallery received the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Patrons of the Arts Awards for its commitment to the support of the arts in Dubai.

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