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Jumeirah College

Jumeirah College is a school that has earned a reputation for providing a first class education, teaching The National Curriculum for England, to students from over 59 different nationalities.  Jumeirah College is registered with the DfE, Department for Education and Skills in London as an overseas school and as an examination centre for all the U.K. examination boards.

The curriculum is based on four Core Values World Citizenship, Universal Values, Leadership Qualities, and Forward Thinking that form the fabric of school life.

The school is led by Mr Simon O’Connor, the Principal and CEO together with a dynamic team of education professionals. Jumeirah College recognises the value of creating an inspired and motivational atmosphere that nurtures the development of each student. Strong partnerships with parents are an integral part of the school’s philosophy and parents play an important role in the school’s consultation process.

A well resourced school, Jumeirah College is equipped with state of the art facilities and resources that include art, dance and drama studios, information technology and design technology suites, a large multi purpose auditorium, sports hall and full size swimming pool. These facilities support a rich and varied programme of sports, performing arts, visual arts and a rich kaleidoscope of other extracurricular activities.

To enhance students learning experience pastoral training is available throughout all year groups where students receive specialist teaching in purpose built accommodation. Careers education and guidance is offered to students from Year 9 to help students make informed decisions about their life.

A GEMS school, Jumeirah College benefits from over 47 years of success proven expertise in education. GEMS understands that each child is precious and is committed to delivering education of the highest standard; education that equips children with the skills, ethics and confidence to face the challenges of a brilliant future.

High quality standards of teaching and learning in a caring environment are at the very core of Jumeirah College’s philosophy where significant emphasis is placed on individual student achievement and the celebration of success. Jumeirah College aims to provide students with a rich educational experience that combines a strong academic focus together with the all round development of each student’s potential.


Jumeirah College
PO Box 74856,
Dubai United Arab Emirates

Contact Details:

Phone: (+9714) 395 5524
Fax: (+9714) 395 4586

General Enquiries
E-mail: info_jcd@gemsedu.com

Jumeirah College Website:  http://www.gemsjc.com/

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