International City Dubai

Dubai International City

Dubai International City

Dubai International City

International City Dubai offers affordable living in a flourishing residential district. With over 22,000 residences, including spacious studios and one-bedroom apartments, spread throughout ten distinctly themed precincts, residents can enjoy a range of sports facilities, lush communal green spaces and the tranquil environment of the lake, together with efficient community infrastructure.

The development also houses over 5,000 retail units on the ground floors of the 387 buildings, offering a range of essential community services and stores, from cosy cafés and restaurants to conveniently located supermarkets, laundries and offices. International City is ideally located to make accessing all areas of Dubai as convenient as possible, making it an exquisite oasis that is perfect for living and for business.

The Dragon Mart

The Dragon Mart spreads across 50 hectares and is a large trade mall designed in the form of a colorful dragon, with a 1.4 kilometers (0.85 miles) long Central Spine. The dragon’s head serves as the main entrance, which is accessible from the Dubai-Hatta road. With 2 thousand parking spaces, it will serve as a commercial center for more than 3 thousand Chinese companies.

The Residential District

 The Residential District is spread out across 300 hectares of land, featuring 2,100 studio (44.5 square meter) and one bedroom (66.5 square meter) apartments. These freehold apartments will feature unique architectural styles of Italy, Spain, Morocco, Persia, Greece, China, Indonesia, England, Russia, Thailand, and France, divided into large and medium-sized neighborhoods. The apartment units were designed to be converted into two bedroom flats and they will accommodate more than 60,000 people.

Lakes District & Public Park (The Lakeside)

The Lakes District will comprise of 60 hectares of lush green landscape that borders a serene lake. It will contain 24-26 buildings with a total of 1375 apartments, which are either 2 and 3 bedroom duplex apartments from 150 to 170 square meters each.

Forbidden City

Forbidden City will be a replica of the biggest and best-preserved cluster of ancient buildings in China and will spread over 240 thousand square meters. It will accommodate authentic residential and retail outlets set amidst awe-inspiring gardens, museums and performance courts.


Type sq. ft Rental Fee Per Annum (AED) Service Charges 5% of Annual Rent (AED) Security Deposit (AED)
1 Cheque (5%) 2 Cheques (N/A) 4 Cheques (Base)
Studio Small 430 -484 24,700 26,000 26,000 1,300 3,000
Studio Large 613 -634 25,650 27,000 27,000 1,350 3,000
1 Bedroom Small 699 -742 34,200 36,000 36,000 1,800 3,500
1 Bedroom Large 828 -1043 35,150 37,000 37,000 1,850 3,500
2 Bedroom 915 43,700 46,000 46,000 2,300 4,000
  • Leasing fees are 5% of the annual base rent.
  • Tenant must pay AED 1,000 deposit directly to DEWA.
  • Tenant must pay AED 200 RERA Contract Registration Fee for Lease Renewals & New Leases.


Type Rental Fee Per Annum (AED) Security Deposit (AED)
1 Cheque (5%) 2 Cheques (N/A) 4 Cheques (Base)
Retail-Parking View 47.50/sqft 50.00/sqft 50.00/sqft 5,000
Retail-Main Road 57.00/sqft 60.00/sqft 60.00/sqft 5,000
Retail-Roundabout 66.50/sqft 70.00/sqft 70.00/sqft 5,000


  • Leasing fees are 5% of the annual base rent.
  • Service charges are 5% of the annual base rent.
  • Tenant must pay AED 2,000 deposit directly to DEWA.
  • Tenant must pay AED 200 RERA Contract Registration Fee for Lease Renewals & New Leases.


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