How many pavilions at expo 2020

How many pavilions at expo 2020

How many pavilions at expo 2020

How many pavilions at expo 2020

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Expo 2020 Dubai, the largest event begin welcome 190 participating countries and millions of visitors from across the globe. Expo 2020 aims to create a relevant legacy, both locally & globally, extending from innovations, architecture to friendships & business opportunities. There are many pavilions, features interactive exhibits, live entertainment, meeting spaces, hangouts and more. Some of the top pavilions at expo 2020 are listed below

 Australia Pavilion

The pavilion explores a distinct land built on 60,000 years of innovation. The theme is ‘Blue Sky Dreaming’. The guests can discover Australian astronomy, the country’s spirit of optimism, innovation and diversity. It also displays wise water-saving technology from Australia.

Belgium Pavilion

The Belgium Pavilion at Expo 2020 showcases renewable resources, smart technologies to feed its plants & the country’s world-class cuisine. The theme is Smart and Green Belgium 2050.

Azerbaijan Pavilion

The pavilion features 1,300 sqm of gardens and walkways, which explores Solar power, natural ventilation and rainwater harvesting technology.  The theme is ‘Seeds for the Future’ and Simmetrico is the architect of the project.

Canada Pavilion

The Canada Pavilion explores Canadian landscapes, Arabic architectural elements & 360° immersive theater. The theme is ‘The Future in Mind’ and the architects are Moriyama & Teshima.

India Pavilion

The pavilion displays India’s culture, heritage, technologies & space programme. It also features ‘new India’ and rising on the three pillars of opportunity, sustainability and mobility, which reflects Talent, Trade, Tradition, Tourism and Technology.

Bahrain Pavilion

The pavilion showcases unique and innovative design and structure, that features 126 columns, 11 cm in diameter and 24 m high. There will be Live weaving stations including naqda, kurar, and palm weaving. The visitors can enjoy traditional Bahraini food and more.

Brazil Pavilion

The pavilion features the flora and fauna to arts and culture. Visitors can discover more about the country’s rich biodiversity and its sustainable production. The theme is ‘Together for Diversity’ and the architects are JPG.ARQ, MMBB and Ben-Avid.

Austria Pavilion

The visitors can make a journey through spectacular spatial sequences and enjoy Austrian coffeehouse tradition.

Belarus Pavilion

The pavilion features live performances by national folk and dance groups. Belarus will showcase its high-tech creations, sustainability initiatives and opportunities to invest. The theme is ‘Forest of Future Technology’ and the architect is NÜSSLI Adunic AG.

United Kingdom Pavilion

The UK pavilion is based around the theme of opportunity. The architects behind this project are Es Devlin Studio, Avantgarde and Veretec. The The outside of the pavilion features a poem that is continuously changing and evolving.

UAE pavilion

The UK pavilion focuses on harnessing sustainable energy from the surroundings, designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava, spread across 15,000 sq.m. The structure was inspired by the UAE’s national bird, the falcon – in flight, features “wings” that move up and down to yield sustainable energy. The guests can experience the rich cultural heritage of the country as well as the aspiring future plans of the UAE. for your Travel Assistance have listed travel agents who offer various travel packages, Dubai visa specialist to apply for Dubai visa, visa and immigration procedures in Dubai, hotels in Dubai and special deals, things to do in Dubai, places to visit in Dubai, how to plan a five day tour to Dubai etc for your travel assistance.

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