Gulf Times – Qatar’s top selling English daily newspaper

Inspired by a sense of patriotism, a group of good citizens of this generous land decided in 1978 to establish the Gulf Publishing & Printing Company. That decision proved to be a turning-point in the literary life of Qatar, leading to the creation of two great newspapers. The Company and its publications are a practical expression of the hopes and aspirations, values and principles of our country and its culture, which are deeply rooted in the Gulf and Arab world.

It is fair to say that our Company is a cornerstone of the Qatari information media. Since its inception it has been dedicated to reflecting events at home and abroad. Always, our watchwords have been truth and accuracy. We have opened our columns to debate; offered distinguished journalism and useful information. We conceive our publications as offering a stream of knowledge: artistic, literary, political and financial. They are, we hope, a focal point for thought and culture. We maintain a continuous creative effort to serve the country and its citizens, striving to reach new horizons but approaching that task with responsibility, fairness, balance and honesty.

Our work is enriched by the trust shown in us by our readers, to whom we pledge our continuing commitment to the journalistic and technical development of our publications. The Gulf Publishing and Printing Company is anxious to retain and to build on the support of the readers of its sister publications, ARRAYAH and GULF TIMES.

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