Dubai Men’s College

Dubai Men's College

Dubai Men’s College

Dubai Men’s College is one of the Higher Colleges of Technology.  Higher Colleges of Technology were founded in 1988 to provide post-secondary education to citizens of the UAE. The education provided is of international standard and is designed to prepare students for professional and technological careers in the private and government sectors of the UAE’s rapidly developing economy and society.

Dubai Men’s College was opened in 1989 as part of the Higher Colleges of Technology. The college is committed to providing a high quality, career-oriented education for UAE Nationals in a dynamic and positive atmosphere that encourages creative and constructive thought.

Currently there are more than 1900 enrolled students. The number of HCT graduates has dramatically increased from 64 in 1992 to 55701 in 2012. As for DMC the number of graduates increased from 21 in 1993 to 6875 in 2012. Many of those graduates have received more than one credential and they are employed and participating in the national workforce of the country.

Dubai Men’s College offers more than 20 programs in the major divisions of Applied Communications, Aviation, Business, Computer and Information Science (CIS), and Engineering. A four year period of study, post Foundations, leads to the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree. Masters programs are offered in Business Administration and, from academic year 2012-13, Engineering.

Mission & Shared Values:

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to provide an authentic, relevant and holistic learning environment that enables students to “Practice the Future” by developing and demonstrating:

• Self Confidence
• Professional Excellence
• Ethical Commitment
• Intercultural Intelligence

In preparation for leadership roles in a dynamic local economy, characterized by Emiratization and globalization.

Shared Values:
Cutting-Edge Education is the Engine and the Fuel

• High Expectations – Student Oriented
• Innovation – Continuous Improvement
• Action-Results Oriented
• Team Work
• Trust, Integrity, Honesty
• Flexibility, Openness, Respect, Courtesy
• Life Long Learning and Internationalism
• Proactive Engagement with all Stakeholders
• Sustainability

Contact Details:

Phone: +971 4 326 0333
Fax: +971 4 326 0303


Dubai Men’s College
PO Box 15825
Academic City Road
Al Ruwayah, Dubai, UAE

Dubai Men’s College Website

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