Dubai Coffee Museum For The Coffee Lovers

Dubai Coffee Museum For The Coffee Lovers

Dubai Coffee Museum For The Coffee Lovers

Dubai Coffee Museum For The Coffee Lovers

Drinking coffee is a ritual integral to Arabic traditions of hospitality. Mr. Khalid Al Mulla, owner of coffee company Eastern Men and Co, has now rendered Dubai home to the largest coffee museum in the Middle East. Located in the Al Fahidi Historical District, Al Mulla’s collection features coffee grinders from the First World War made out of smelted bullets, and ancient brewing pots from Egypt, Yemen and Ethiopia. An 18th century book from Germany contains 177 pages dedicated to the beans. An experience of a cup of rocket fuel brewed via the traditional Japanese siphon method is hospitably provided. Since coffee is such an integral part of Arabic culture, it is essential to celebrate it and preserve it.

Dubai Coffee Museum Details:

Where is the location of Dubai Coffee Museum?

Villa 44, Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, Bastakiya

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Location Map

What are the timings of Dubai Coffee Museum?

9.00 to 17.00

Friday is holiday

What are the other details of Dubai Coffee Museum?

  • The coffee museum will first introduce you to its shop, where one can find amazing things to take home, such as personal hand grinders, and coffee mugs from different countries.
  • You will be greeted by a lady dressed in a beautiful traditional Egyptian outfit serving popcorn and coffee to visitors.
  • There are two sections in the museum, i.e., ground and first floor.
  • When you are in the ground floor, you will find a room full of western antiques. There is also a corner that is dedicated for displaying several types of coffee.
  • If you are interested in knowing more about the origin and history of coffee, head toward the Egyptian corner. There you will get to know all about coffee since the days of Ottoman Empire.
  • The museum holds true to its definition. One can get to see a German grinder dating from the World War II and also other grinders collected from Britain. Old paintings and ancient toasters grace this museum, which will let you peep into the history of this drink, plus how it’s prepared and manufacture.
  • Coffee museum without a café cannot happen, right! So when you feel the rush for caffeine, the café will serve you right with coffee and snacks.

Museum Guide

Museum Shop

How to contact them for more information?


+971 43538777

+971 43538666



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