Drones for Good Award 2015 in Dubai, UAE

Drones for Good Award 2015 in Dubai, UAE

The Drones for Good Award will be held on February 6th and February 7, 2015.

What is the aim of the competition?

It aims to highlight the most advanced research into UAVs and drones and step up their application in humanitarian, development and also public service applications.

The potential uses of drones will demonstrate on the award day. The UAE Government welcomes people to participate in this competition. The the best use of drones and drone technology will be used to improve public services.

Drones for Good Award 2015 in Dubai, UAE

Drones for Good Award 2015 in Dubai, UAE

What are the steps to enter competition?

First select register to the award, create the profile and can enter into the 3 submissions into suitable competition category.

How the competitions are categorized and for what?

The competition was categorized into 3.

  1. International competition is for the best use of civilian drones for improving people’s lives
  2. National competition for the best use of drones for UAE Government services
  3. Special category of Government entities is for the best government service using drones.

What is the basic eligibility for the International competition?

The submissions must be able to demonstrate a working prototype that could be developed into a working system within the next 1 or 3 years.

What is the reward for National competition and the areas to cover?

The award is AED 1 million and accept the best practical ideas for using UAV technologies to improve the existing service using drones that could be practically & economically execute with these technologies.

More details about the UAE Drones for good award

Location: Dubai Internet City
Date: February 6th and February 7th, 2015
Duration: 2 days
Admission: Free
Contact number: 04-3189390
E-mail: info@dronesforgood.ae

Website: https://www.dronesforgood.ae/

Information courtesy: http://www.dubaicalendar.ae/en/event/events/the-uae-drones-for-good-award.html

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