Dar Al Marefa Private School

Dar Al Marefa Private School

Dar Al Marefa Private School

Dar Al Marefa Private School Vision

Our vision is to create a community that fosters lifelong learning, is rooted in its values and beliefs, is open minded, tolerant and appreciates diversity. Our graduates are principled and courageous individuals ready to contribute to a more just and peaceful world.

Dar Al Marefa Private School Mission

Dar Al Marefa strives to build a consistent, challenging and safe learning environment that supports each child in exploring his or her full potential. Our students will be lifelong learners who will always be proud of who they are, cherish their own values and beliefs, respect differences and other cultures and are hence ready to join the world with open-mindedness, tolerance and confidence.

At dar al marefa we strive to create a healthy and safe learning community that enriches the development of our students. Our learning process revolves around exploring ourselves, our capabilities and our local and global community, while taking pride in our local values and culture. We strive to enrich our children with knowledge, confidence and positive thinking enabling them to be positive citizens in their communities.

Our learning partners are parents, friends and the local community.

An initiative of Al Ghurair, dar al marefa is the cornerstone of a broader program which aims to contribute to education offered to the growing UAE community. Our school is now open for intakes to KG1 – Grade 10.

Dar al Marefa Private School is located at 58 C St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. You can contact Dar al Marefa Private School with telephone number +971 4 288 5782 or visit their website at http://daralmarefa.ae .

Dar al Marefa Private School is categorized as Elementary School, High School, Kindergarten, Language School, Middle School, Private School, Public School, School

 Tuition fees

School Fees for Academic year 2012-2013:

Grade  School Fees
KG 25,750.00  AED
Grade 1-2 27,810.00   AED
Grade 3-4 30,900.00  AED
Grade 5-6 33,990.00  AED
Grade 7-8 39,140.00  AED
Grade 9 43,260.00  AED
Grade 10 50,000.00  AED


For more details, admission applications etc visit the school website

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