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Chillout Lounge Dubai – The restaurant presents an unexpected blood-chilling spot in the middle of the boiling weather of Dubai! As the name suggests, the restaurant presents a unique Scandinavian-type ambiance, where you will find virtually everything made up of ice. The utensils, furniture, interior, famous iconic buildings of Dubai, all carved with ice. The unique restaurant is located in the Time Square Mall.

The Chillout Cafe is staffed by personnel recruited from temperate climate countries like Russia or Romania, because they are more able to withstand the constant sub zero temperatures, but visitors are required to wear thermal suits and shoes provided by the unique establishment, for a fee. To keep parts you would rather remained at body temperature from freezing, the ice seats are equipped with acrylic pads that don’t allow the cold to pass through them, and if it’s still too cold for comfort, you can ask for one of their complimentary sheepskin throws. Although the temperature is maintained at a constant -6 degrees, and there is no humidity or dripping, the floor is made from special anti-skid ceramic tiles, to prevent accidents. As not to compromise the freezing climate, lighting installations feature LEDs that don’t emit heat.

The Chillout Cafe may not be the only ice cafe in the world, but it’s definitely located in the strangest place. The feeling of stepping in from the blistering 40+C heat outside alone is worth a visit, if you’re ever in the area. 60 dirhams ($16) will get you into this place, and that includes the thermal clothing and a beverage of your choice.


Weekdays: 10 am to 10 pm

Weekends: 10am to 12am

Chillout Lounge Dubai Location:

Times Square Center

Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai, UAE

Contact Details

Toll free: 800chillout


Chillout Lounge Dubai – Ice Cafe Website


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