Children’s International Film Festival 2015 in Dubai

Children’s International Film Festival 2015 in Dubai

Dubai Travaletor-Children's International Film Festival is one-of-its-kind annual festival with two overarching objectives. A one-of-a-kind film festival for childrens films

Children’s International Film Festival

A one-of-a-kind film festival for children’s films.

CIFF 2015 objectives are:

  • To identify, nurture and encourage young and aspiring filmmakers studying in schools in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through its Filmmaking Competition.
  • To set an internationally recognized standard of excellence in films and videos for children by inviting professional filmmakers from across the world to showcase their exceptional work made especially for children.
  • To achieve these objectives, we have packed CIFF 2015 with filmmaking workshops, film appreciation forums, of course the filmmaking competition, meaningful and inspirational cinema from around the world, more awards and just like in past – lots & lots of fun for everyone.

When is the submission of Children’s International Film Festival 2015 in Dubai?

January 29th, 2015 – For the year 2015 it is CLOSED!

Eligibility for Children’s International Film Festival 2015 in Dubai

Eligibility criteria for entering the filmmaking competition are simple and straightforward. Please read them below and check your eligibility before commencing the filmmaking journey.

  • Entry to the filmmaking competition is open only for licensed schools in UAE. Whether Public or Private, all schools are invited to participate.
  • Individuals, who are 18 years or older, can participate only in the international films. Please visit the Submit films section.
  • Young people studying in Year 6 (or as some schools call it – Grade 6) to Year 13 (or Grade 13) are eligible to participate through their respective schools.
  • Students whose parents and/or siblings are employed by CIFF, The Film Studio FZ LLC, any of our partners or sponsors are not eligible to participate in this competition.

Important dates of Children’s International Film Festival 2015 in Dubai

CIFF strongly encourages all participating schools to ask their students to commence work on the films instead of waiting for the last date to arrive.

Thursday, 29 Jan 2015: Last date to submit films.

Thursday, 29 Jan 2015: Last date to submit for Nikon Film Poster Contest.

Sunday, 15 Feb 2015: Adavnce Ticket Booking for Schools begins.

Thursday, 23 Apr 2015: Red-carpet Opening Ceremony.

Friday, 24 Apr & Saturday, 25 Apr 2015: Public screenings of festival films.

Sunday, 26 Apr to Thursday, 30 Apr 2015: School screenings.

Friday, 01 May 2015: Screening for Parents & teachers.

Saturday, 02 May 2015: Red-carpet Awards Ceremony.

Further 2015 details will be updated soon…

Jury process / Selection process

ll entries to the Filmmaking Competition will be subjected to the following Jury process:

Step 1: CIFF’s Programming Team will draw a shortlist of films after watching all the films submitted.

Step 2: Parents and teachers of filmmakers whose films have been shortlisted will watch the films and cast their vote for the best three in each group.

Step 3: A Jury consisting of professional and experienced filmmakers from around the world will watch all shortlisted films and finalize the winners. Rankings from the Parents and teachers screenings (Step 2) will be added before finalizing the winners.

Shortlisted films (from Step 1) will compete for the following awards:
Group A Group B
1. Best Film 1. Best Film
2. Best Film: 1st Runner-Up 2. Best Film: 1st Runner-Up
3. Best Film: 2nd Runner-Up 3. Best Film: 2nd Runner-Up
4. Best Director 4. Best Director
5. Best Editor 5. Best Editor
6. Best Cinematographer 6. Best Cinematographer
7. Best Storywriter 7. Best Storywriter
8. Best Actor (Child) 8. Best Actor (Child)
9. Audience Choice Award 9. Audience Choice Award
10. Best animation 10. Best animation
11. Best stop-motion film 11. Best stop-motion film

Group A or B: New York Film Academy Most Promising Filmmaker Award

Group A or B: Nikon Film Poster Contest – Best Poster Award (x5)

Following are the indicative criteria that may be used by the CIFF’s Programming Team and the Jury to assess films. Please note that these criteria are only indicative and are provided only to guide students. CIFF’s Programming Team and the Jury may add, delete or modify the criteria at their own discretion.

Best Film / 1st Runner-Up / 2nd Runner-Up / Best animation / Best stop-motion film

  • Overall story/concept of the film
  • Educational value
  • Entertainment value
  • Adherence/relevance to theme(s)
  • Ease of understanding
  • Visuals & Editing
  • Creativity

Best Director

  • Selection of sets/locations
  • Method of storytelling
  • Casting & Direction
  • Creativity
  • Overall effort

Best Editor

  • Cuts & transitions
  • Audio visual sync
  • Sound & music
  • Creativity

Best Cinematographer

  • Frame composition
  • Stability of camera
  • Camera movements
  • Lighting
  • Creativity

Best Storywriter

  • Overall story/concept
  • Incorporation of theme
  • Education value
  • Entertainment value
  • Characterization
  • Dialogues

Best Actor (Child)

  • Dialogue delivery
  • Expressions
  • How well the character is portrayed

Audience Choice Award

This award will be awarded to the film which receives most number of votes from the audience.

Contact Address Children’s International Film Festival

c/o The Film Studio FZ LLC
303, Building no. 4, P O Box 478834
Dubai Studio City
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

T: +971 (4) 434-5895
F: +971 (4) 454-2541

Telephone: + 971 55 607 3372



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